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"The Priceless Prince" Tyson Valentine

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"The Priceless Prince" Tyson Valentine

Post by Tyson Valentine on Fri Jul 20, 2012 3:55 am


PICBASE: Ted Dibiase Jr

REAL NAME: Tyson Valentine
WRESTLERS NAME: Tyson Valentine
NICKNAME(S): The Priceless Prince
HEIGHT: 6 ft 3
WEIGHT: 214lb
FROM: Miami Florida
ENTRANCE: I come From Money begins playing through the P.A System, the lights dim down slightly as Gold and Green strobe lights flash through out the arena the crowd heavily boo as Tyson Valentine comes out from behind the curtain with a huge smirk on his face.

He slowly begins walking down the ramp with a cocky smirk on his face, some fans try to reach out to touch him but he blows them off before looking straight down at the ring.

Tyson quickly charges and jumps onto the apron landing on his right knee, he slowly pulls himself up before chuckling slightly at the fans that still booed him, he then quickly climbs into the ring and embraces the hate.

BRIEF GIMMICK DESCRIPTION: Cocky Rich Kid, think Ted Dibiase Jr just not as gay as his gimmick
THEME MUSIC: "I come from money" by SPreme

FINISHER(S): 1)Gutter Killer (Vertabreaker... Adopted From Sean Mendez)
2)Dream Street (Cobra clutch slam)

Priceless (Rolling cutter)
Facelift (Flowing DDT)

Diving double foot stomp
Fist drop
Half nelson backbreaker
Inverted atomic drop
Multiple elbow drops
Rebound clothesline
Running high knee
Sitout spinebuster
Snap scoop powerslam

FIGHTING STYLE: Technical//Rough//Brawler
WEAPON OF CHOICE: Brass Knuckles

XWE US Champion (2 Times)
XWE TV Champion (1 Time)

Will Add Later
Tyson Valentine

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Wrestler Info
ASWF Earnings: $500,000
ASWF Record: [W:1] [L:1] [D:1]
ASWF Popularity:
35/100  (35/100)

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