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Arion Catcher

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Arion Catcher

Post by Guest on Sat Jul 28, 2012 1:47 am


PICBASE: Brad Pitt (Tyler Durden)

NICKNAME(S): The Dream Catcher
HEIGHT: 5'11
FROM: Long Island, New York
ENTRANCE: Work by Gang Starr
BRIEF GIMMICK DESCRIPTION: Arion's decisions are spontaneous and often not clearly thought through. His words and actions will sometimes lead him into hot water. Arion also has a very short temper. Although these characteristics, Arion is down to Earth when it comes to competition and understands what needs to be done in order to achieve success. The coupling of these two opposite traits leads to a deeper and sometimes confused Arion Catcher.
THEME MUSIC: Silence.. Then: "Are you working? What kind of work do you do?".

A huge boom fills the air of the arena and the ears of the audience as one brief white flash of pyrotechnics explode at the top of the ramp. As the beat drops and the song continues on, Arion Catcher appears at the top and pauses for a second. Lit cigarette in mouth, he takes a drag of it as he eyes the whole arena around him, breathing in the energy. Calmly nodding his head with a sly grin as if acknowledging his surroundings and accepting the war he must next face, Arion throws both his hands up in the air before lowering them and strolling to the ring. He walks up the steel steps and jumps over the third rope, and once inside of the ring, flicks his cigarette to the side and begins to concentrate.

FINISHER(S): Dream Ender - Styles Clash
SIGNATURES: Sitout Facebuster
Scoop Slam
Full Nelson Bulldog
Spinning Heel Kick
Flying Forearm Smash
Quick Punches and Kickes
Side Russian Legsweep
Swinging Neckbreaker
Running Flying Lariat

FIGHTING STYLE: Fast and agile. Arion is always trying to catch his opponent off guard and is quick to think on his feet. When the chance and time presents itself, he punishes with powerful moves. Arion also tries to string together combinations of moves together as much as possible to not allow his opponent any chance to recover.
WEAPON OF CHOICE: Steel Chair and Lit Cigarette

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Arion is not a well known wrestler. His prior experiences involve small federations that never really took off. Because of that, Arion was never in one place to long, and thus never received any proper amount of fame.
BIOGRAPHY: Arion grew up in a family environment and had never planned on following a wrestling career. Being smaller and weaker than his peers growing up, Arion was sometimes picked on and excluded from having a normal kids life. When Arion would reach his tipping point and finally snap, he would fight the bullies but would never actually win. Although he was beaten up, his stress would be gone.

Realizing that he could continue to train and get rid of any unneeded stress at the same time, he joined a local boxing gym. There, he learned the basics and slowly began to become much stronger and much more confident throughout high school and college.

Half way through attending SUNY New Paltz College, Arion realized that he actually honed an ability that not many people were gifted with. He was strong, agile, and commanding in the boxing ring, and quickly reached out the other areas of training. In a MMA spar at the age of 19, Arion was noticed by a wrestling promoter that was recruiting for a struggling local company. Arion decided to give it a try and continue to work on that part of the sport. From that point on, Arion Catcher called the ring his home and was dedicated to pursuing a career in professional wrestling.

Arion has a close friend, Jack Rowling, who was his training partner until a serious head injury limited his contact actions. Jack often is right by Arion's side and will share the good and bad times with him. Lisa Dreams is Arion's girlfriend since high school, who has been through a lot with Arion. These two to be more fleshed out in time ..


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