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Syndel Michaels

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Syndel Michaels

Post by Syndel Michaels on Wed Aug 01, 2012 4:01 am


PICBASE: Natassia Malthe

REAL NAME: Annette Berling-Ralton
WRESTLERS NAME: Syndel Michaels
NICKNAME(S): The Fem Dom Demoness, The Queen of Kink
HEIGHT: 5'6''
WEIGHT: 133 lbs
FROM: Jacksonville, Florida
ENTRANCE: Rev 22:20 plays, out comes the Queen of Kink, Syndel Michaels, wearing a leather bodysuit, made for wrestling, she hides her face in a black lace hoodie, though it can clearly be seen somewhat. She licks her index finger and puts one her her arms on her hips, she walks down to the ring, sensuously, trying to entice her fans, even though it is not the case for her. Syndel reaches to the bottom of the ramp and takes off her hoodie slowly, eyeing her opponents with ruthless aggrestion or perhaps deadly lust? Syndel climbs onto the ring ans slowly crawls herself inside, looking all over the audiance, as she reaches the middle, she is on her knees, she bends back and screams at the sky, which is taken as ambigious. Syndel breathes, but her face smirks as she stands up, puts her hands on her hips and then blows a kiss to the audiance, she awaits her opponent.
BRIEF GIMMICK DESCRIPTION: A Wreslting Mistress that has a No Nonsense Attitude, and a strive to become victorious in all of her matches. She loves bringing pain and angust to her opponents never backing down or giving Mercy, but also has a slight fetish in bringing pain to her female opponents, wanting to make them her personal slaves.
THEME MUSIC: Rev 22:20 by Puscifer

FINISHER(S): Dominatrix Slam (Powerbomb), Asphyxia (Spike DDT)
SIGNATURES: Figure four necklock, Surfboard, Shooting Star Press
REGULAR MOVES - 5 MIN: Hair-pull Snapmare, Hurricarana, Headscissors, Frankensteiner, Stunner
FIGHTING STYLE: Submission, Brawler

BIOGRAPHY: Anette was once a sweet woman, loving to her husband Nathaniel Ralton, very beautiful, loves having the simple family life. She is perhaps the Martha Stewart or rather, Bree Van De Kamp of housewives, wanting everything in tip top shape, high quality, something to make her husband be proud of her...however one time, she snapped, being bored of this housewife life, she has taken herself to dark places, places that can be considered, sinful and ungodly, thus her alter ego "Syndel Michaels" was born, becoming an avid Mistress in numerous S&M clubs, showing both joy and pleasure in giving others erotic pain, Syndel doesn't hold back when giving it to others, not that she does anyways, finding joy in making others yell in extreme pain. Anette hides this side from her Husband...however the kinky bitch may come out if he dare cheat on her....

Syndel Michaels

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