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Taken Pic Bases

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Taken Pic Bases

Post by Tyson Michaels on Thu Jul 19, 2012 9:06 pm

Arion Catcher-- Brad Pitt
Brendan Maddox-- Randy Orton
Cassie Richards -- Ronda Rousey
Christina Lucia -- Shanda Panda
Cody Taylor -- Anthony Pettis
Dan Alexander -- Davey Richards
Danny Diamond -- Christian Bale

Ethan Cage -- AJ Styles
Eve Breneman -- Stephanie McMahon
Jackson Ford -- Channing Tatum
James Shark -- Floyd Mayweather Jr
Jaime Alejandro -- Benicio Del Toro
JoJo -- Samuel L Jackson
Juan Ramirez -- Fabolous
Kayla Cross -- Cobie Smulders

Kitty Legit -- Lauren London

Mark Hunter -- Justin Gabriel
Mr.Enigma -- The Joker
Murray Muir -- Jon Moxley/Dean Ambrose
Riley Runnels -- AJ Lee
Rochelle Taylor -- Kaley Cuoco
Ryan Hall -- Johnny Curtis
Saffron Dior -- Melanie Inglesias
Sheyanne Successful -- Gia Bianca
Stefan Raab -- Stefan Raab
Syndel Michaels -- Natassia Malthe

Tyson Michaels -- Corey Graves
Tyson Valentine
-- Ted Dibiase Jr
Vanessa Cade
-- Yvonne Strahovski
Xavier Sacre-- Kenny King
Young Creed-- Jeff Hardy
ZERO -- Deadpool


Melyssa Ford
Meagan Good
Mila Kunis

Tyson Michaels

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