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Backstage Staff

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Backstage Staff

Post by Eve Breneman on Fri Jul 20, 2012 6:11 pm

If you want to use one of the characters below in your segment or RP, you must ask permission.

Board Of Directors
Tyson Michaels - ASWF Owner
Ezekiel "Zeke" Tyson - ASWF Commissioner
Eve Breneman - ASWF General Manager

ASWF Event Staff
Dax Wisler - ASWF Talent Rep.

Broadcast Journalists
John Trueman - Play by Play Commentator
Theodore Drake - Color Commentator
Caitlyn Dawn - Play By Play Commentator

Ring Announcer
Erica Gilyard

Feel free to use the staff below in your RPs/Segments

Field Journalists
Noemi Bachelder (Face)
Noemi cares about her job, and wants to get ALL the facts
about your superstar/diva before any other interviewer does.
If she is insulted, she will try her best to ignore it, and get the
job done and get on with her day.

Roxie McCright (Face)
Roxie is a whore. There really is no other way to put it. Instead
of getting the facts or asking the right questions, she will be
hitting on your superstar/diva the entire time. If she is insulted
she will drop the microphone and walk away, but don't worry,
she'll be back next week to flirt with your character.

Guy Grossberg (Face)
When not interviewing, you will find Guy outside in the shade
or sitting down backstage reading a comic book. He is fine
interviewing the superstars but gets really nervous interviewing
divas. He stutters a lot and often finds himself being a punching
bag. When security is called backstage, it is most likely because
Guy has gotten beaten up once again.

Erik Groat (Heel)
Erik is an instigator. He will try his best to start feuds between
superstars by telling your character misleading things or even
making up lies. He also loves to get a rise out of your character
as he asks the questions you know you don't want to hear.

Medical Staff
Allan Gabrielson (Neutral)
Allan is one of the many people on the medical staff. However
he is the most known due to how he does his job. He likes to
touch your character inappropriately and often gets punched
or slapped in the face for it.

Eve Breneman

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