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Which RP is better for both James Shark matches?

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Which RP is better for both James Shark matches I did?

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Which RP is better for both James Shark matches?

Post by Guest on Sat Aug 11, 2012 2:38 am

OK I am going to post both RP's I did previously that I done against James Shark. Want you all to see what you think is better the boxing one or the match I did today?

This one I will post in the next post is the one from the boxing match we had.


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Re: Which RP is better for both James Shark matches?

Post by Guest on Sat Aug 11, 2012 2:47 am

This is the one for the boxing match.

Prologue: Stefan's first ever match in any wrestling company in a boxing match.

It was now time for Stefan to reach his potential in his return to the ring but not a match even for him to expect. Another boxing match is added to his career as he already had two boxing matches against a female champion called Regina Halmich in which he lost both fights but this time he had loads of experience in the ring as he faces against a guy that has also had a few boxing matches in his career James Shark. Will he defeat the more experienced James in his third boxing match? Wait and see come Impact on Monday night.

Scene 1: Talking about the match up with Fizz. Anaheim, California. Saturday 24th March. 3pm.

Fizz sees that Stefan was very confident in his big warm up match up that she sees him having against James Shark in an boxing match. It was a situation where it was either Fizz's and the potential child's life that would be saved or it was Stefan's and he chose to go with risking his own life on the line but Fizz knows he was fully ready to take on against James Shark. All week long Stefan has been in the boxing gym in Cologne, Germany to prepare for his 3rd boxing match and he has been on a very strict diet and has lost 11 pounds already for this match up he was going to have against both James Shark and Vantage and Fizz begins to speak.

The Fizz: Darling. Listen I know you are very angry with James but do you feel ready? The reason I ask this is because it's a very rare thing for wrestling to have a celebrity like you to face against James Shark in a boxing match and you know that you are at risk of having a really serious injury with this guy more than you did when you boxed against Regina. I have full on confidence on you winning this match but do you feel ready and just remember everything you have learnt from your past boxing matches. At least it's a match that you have more experience in than I do with boxing.

Stefan Raab: Fizz. Nothing in the world makes me want to punch this guy's skull in half more than I do right at this moment. He will see what this Killerplauze boxer is all about and what I mean by my nickname because he is going to earn every ounce of sweat and tears that I put into this fucking sick bastard that he is. I don't like to do this but I will make the motherfucker bleed like hell all over that ring on Monday because he will learn not to piss me off like that ever again and Cody will experience this too since he seems to be next on my list rather than Vantage. Yes you are right that I have more experience with my boxing than I do with wrestling. It's like a dream come true to be honest Fizz that I can give this fucker a black eye to knock him out with.

The Fizz: Wow Stefan. That is crazy talk there. Even I could never come out with things like that even if someone was being nasty to me but you know that I have lots of confidence in you that you are going to win this match and I know you are ready just by the way you are talking and the things you said about James just now. You really are on form and to be honest you look so fired up and ready that I have never ever seen in anyone before. You know that I am not going to be anywhere near ringside for your next two matches because you want to protect me and that is fair enough but I will support you from where ever I am.

Stefan Raab: Protecting you and our child from him and Cody are my main priorities before I even start to face James and I got that sorted now so I feel ready Fizz. I got a lot of things to say about him before I go out there and pulling an upset win over him which not many people have done but I am determined to make his loss count since he is a fucking sick bastard trying to make me think you are cheating on me and him saying he wanted to kill you and our potential child. I also asked for Sean not for you to be in any matches until after the match against Cody is over because I want you to be safe and as far away as you can from these sick bastards. I am going to do my TV Total show tomorrow night in America for the first time ever and I am going to go so far with everything that he will understand to never mess with you or my family ever again.

The Fizz: WOW I guess I can say that you are ready to face against James regardless what people say about how you are a pussy and what not and you are far from that not even close. Just go out there and perform the best you can Stefan. You worked so hard and well to get to this point of your career. Winning and losing in your case doesn't matter because it's just a warm up match to Cody and Vantage's matches but just beat the hell out of him for me Stefan and knock this idiot out in front of everyone.

Stefan Raab: I will. Now I need to go back to do some more boxing training with my trainers that I will have with me since it is now a boxing match rather than a wrestling match. Thank god I already lost a lot of weight to be in the match already. I don't want you anywhere near that arena on Monday Fizz OK? I love you Fizz.

The Fizz: Alright then Stefan. I won't be there at all since I have a match elsewhere anyway so we are good on that part. Just remember everything we talked about just now and I love you too.

Stefan and Fizz gave each other a kiss as Stefan left to go to the boxing school which was around the corner from where they lived while Fizz had the chance to relax for the day as she was feeling too tired to do anything as she went to take a bit of a nap.

Scene 2: TV Total studios. Anaheim, California. Sunday 25th March. 7pm.

After doing a weekend's course of training in the Sean Mendez wrestling school camp. Rather than for Stefan to do his show in Germany and come back to America again to wrestle. He decided to hire out a party room where he could do his TV Total show in English in America. Lots of fans were waiting for him to come out from the backstage knowing that he could say whatever he wanted without the German media knowing heck they didn't even know about Stefan was even facing James Shark in a match. The only thing back in Germany they knew about was Stefan talking trash about him. Someone announced the start of the show and introducing Stefan Raab as he came down the steps and shakes the person's hand and begins to speak.

Stefan Raab: Welcome to the first ever TV Total show held outside of Germany in Anaheim, California. Thank you all for coming. The reason why I plan to do my show here rather than in Germany is because I can say a lot of things that I can't say in Germany since I completely banned the media from talking about personal things that James Shark made it with my match against him. Let's take a look on the screen on what he really looks like. That's how the stupid American person dresses everyday. Now how am I suppose to take this guy seriously as a boxer when he dresses up all gangsta style. I mean he even takes drugs for him to look that fucking ugly that he is. He is completely pathetic which is why I brought this mask very recently from a shop and this other special mask too that you may have seen from my show in November last year.

Stefan turned away from the crowd and puts on the mask that former TNA wrestler known as Sharkboy and this other mask that had the plastic surgery mouth on it and then he turns to the crowd and they are all laughing at him and they clapped and cheered as well as seeing the picture of James Shark on the screen and he continued to speak more about his opponent wearing the Sharkboy mask along with the plastic surgery mouth that was planted on the mask. He continues to speak.

Stefan Raab: Now this is how James Shark looks like everyday a typical stupid American want to be gangster trying to be smart and get inside of my head. Guess what motherfucker? It's not working because if anything you are getting me more and more fired up for our boxing match we are going to have. I know it's been you behind that Indian guy account trying to split me and Fizz up and showing some disgusting pictures but they are all fake because I know how media take pictures all too well. Hello I am a German Entertainer for fuck sake. You seem to love to be around Cody and this Indian guy called Mohammed Kana which is why I have provided a picture of my own with you three fucking each other like the pair of bi sexual guys you are.

The picture that Stefan made came up on screen with James bending over on the bed with Cody and Mohammed being behind James and they were having sex with each other and everyone laughed and sickened out at the possibility that they were doing that without them admitting that they were in love with each other and he continues to speak.

Stefan Raab: That's the true reality of how pathetic and low life scumbags them three really are and shows how much they really do love each other making up shit about Fizz cheating on me is not clever because I can do the same back like I just did now with you fuckers. The fact is James, Cody and Mohammed is that you both are jealous of me and Fizz going out as a true couple we are and that you don't have anything better to do with your lives asides from picking on me and Fizz. At least I have a life with my shows and the sport events I do. I had to laugh on how weak no offence to you fans here you Americans are at sport when Germany kicked your asses all over the place at the Wok event that took place 2 weekends ago. These masks that I am wearing represent everything that James Shark really is a big mouth overheaded cunt that goes around and sleeps with other women and men as well. You know what I call him? A manwhore like Cody as well. After the break you will see the other side of me the pissed off German after having so much fun taking the piss out of you cunts and purely just talking more trash to James.

It turned as an advert break as Stefan goes and sits on his table drinking his water and thinks about what to say next to James mostly since he was facing him in a boxing match. He hasn't had the chance to talk trash about James on his own just yet as he was still wearing the mask of Sharkboy and the plastic surgery mouth that he wore on his show in Germany a while back as all the things he said so far he couldn't do in his country since most of the media were forbidden to talk about Stefan's private life. Fifteen minutes later. The show was back on and he continues to speak while thinking what to say during the adverts.

Stefan Raab: Welcome back. Now everyone is doing to see the side of me that only Fizz has seen before. The pissed off German. You see no one has ever seen me pissed off and now you will as there is one thing you should never ever do and that is to piss one off and you have done exactly that James. You bullshit all the time how you never said you wanted to kill Fizz and my potential child. You did say it James don't come out and bullshit everything and let your pathetic friends believe you because you did you lying piece of shit you are. Typical blacks think they are so hard and tough with everything when in the end they are pieces of low life scumbags. The problem with James is that he has had plastic surgery on his mouth that makes him talk so much crap about things that he thinks that will happen. Let's take a look at a video of him talking utter nonsense.

Stefan pressed a button on his table and people watch James talking utter nonsense about how he was going to beat Stefan down in a boxing ring and how he was going to win. Stefan laughed as he thought he was being absolutely pathetic like Stefan thought in his mind all Americans were. He continued to speak.

Stefan Raab: He is just a pathetic piece of shit that makes these rumours up about Fizz cheating on me and make others believe in him. In a way I am glad I am facing James Shark because it would give me a taste of feeling of what being in a wrestling ring is like even though it's going to be a boxing match between me and James but it's something I have had experience in before so this should be easy but he also has had experience as well but everyone respects everything James has done in his career but I don't because he talks shit everyday to me and Fizz. He doesn't have a life other than to shag god knows how many women he has and having Cody and Mohammed to shag with him and those porn model sluts he has. I have to laugh at him keep calling me a nigger when that's what a white person calls a black person that has a big head with a huge mouth well I guess that's why you are called Shark since they have big mouths to eat all the crap they need well everyday James Shark does eat shark crap for breakfast, lunch and dinner and even as a snack too.

Stefan then takes a bit of a break from talking a bit of trash as he needed to drink some water before talking about other news in general about America since that's another thing he does is update people on the main latest news before he turns back to the topic of James Shark as he puts up him advertising KFC for America.

Stefan Raab: This explains what a typical loudmouth person would do and yet he is calling me fat? You are a fine one to talk James because I have seen you be overweight eating the wrong things like eating KFC. Oh yeah that's real smart of you to eat junk food before our big match against each other and I haven't even ate anything of a kind like that. Eating lots of fruit and vegetables is exactly what I have been doing and I have lost a heck a lot of weight to be in the best shape that I have ever been in even more than I was back in the past. I mean if I wasn't fit then why would I be doing my Schlag Den Raab game show? Let's take a look on what this black bastard eats before I punch his ass all over that ring tomorrow night.

Stefan shows up a picture of James eating KFC food and all the crowd are laughing at the picture of James eating crap and Stefan continues to speak.

Stefan Raab: See how pathetic he is. He talks all trash and not enough wrestling. Do I have respect for James Shark? Not a chance in hell because he gives me no respect so I give him absolutely fuck all respect and heck I have no respect for any of his hoes or his fuck bi sexual buddies of Cody and Mohammed either. Oh wait the person that is behind the Mohammed Kana account on twitter is James Shark himself trying to get in my head so much crap comes out of his plastic surgery gob he has that we all know the reason why he is talking a lot of utter bullshit is because he is scared of being knocked out and then he challenges me to have a loser leaves TIW match? That is just lame and pathetic like seriously the company only just opened a while ago and he wants me to leave? How childish can you get with this prick.

Stefan had a lot more things to say as he pressed a button on his table to which he sees Storming Raven doing a wrestling move on both Cody and James showing people how weak both of them are and he drinks some of his water before speaking more.

Stefan Raab: Oh no I am far from being done yet James since you made this match really personal between us. You be better off staying at home shagging your bi sexual partner Cody along with your fake friend of yours Mohammed and enjoy doing it like seriously since all you do is talk to them two friends of yours and playing a sick game on me. Now as for Fizz. She is more beautiful than you both think more than the sluts and hoes that you both sleep with. James you talk more garbage than you think and you are a right coward to do nothing but to pick on me and Fizz and yet you respect other people. That's what I call an overhyped egomaniac that has no idea when to shut his fixed mouth up. You are a paper champion and it's a joke that you are a champion around in other places especially when all you do is eat KFC and promoting it. You have a lot to learn James a lot to learn.

Stefan even doesn't know much about the wrestling business but knows well enough that you never ever eat fried food before the upcoming match especially with boxing when you need to be really fit for as Stefan laughs as it was a joke that he did something like that. He continues to speak.

Stefan Raab: Also why do you and your bi sexual buddies say that I am a TV host? Oh wait I never knew how stupid and blind you are already. I am a German entertainer not just a TV host. Why do you think I won the Wok team event representing my country of Germany? You Americans didn't even have a team for that because like you and the rest of them are a bunch of fucking losers that you try to prove to the world on how much of a joke you really are because you are you big overhead overweight pig that you are. Next time you think to talk trash that you think about what you do because you are no better than me. What family were you born in that didn't teach you any respect. Oh I heard about you have a kid as well you really are a hypocrite saying to me that you want to kill Fizz and my potential child when you have one of your own. That is just low James.

Stefan went to the back of his TV Total studios as he went to pick up a cutout picture of James Shark and brings it to the studios and it was a picture of James being punched by some other boxer he faced in the past and then he has a cutout pic of James Shark posing on his own and brought it back to the stage after the show went on another break as he drinks his water and knocks the picture out with anger in his eyes. He hasn't even unveiled his nickname yet that he was going to use in all three of his matches. He continues to speak more when the show came back on.

Stefan Raab: You don't even give a damn about your kid at all James because you only care about yourself and god knows how many woman you like to have sex with. I wouldn't be surprised if you have a sexual transmitted disease right now because you are a disease to everyone in the wrestling business. Let's take a look of you getting a punch by other opponents shall we. Yes I am aware that you never had any losses you have had in your career but I plan to be the first ever person to knock you out on the mat and cause you to have one loss on your list and you have been punched by other people before so if anyone can do it then I can as well. Then we have you posing like a gay black twat you are trying to make me look scared. Just honestly how can anyone go out with an ugly freak like you? Seriously if I was a lady I wouldn't find you attractive at all. Even Fizz thinks you are ugly too along with your lover Cody and Mohammed too.

Stefan was really enjoying talking about James on his special show in America as he wasn't done at all because he had yet to unveil his nickname and once again he looked straight up at the cutout picture of James posing and knocked it down using his right hand and falls on the floor and there's a big dent in the picture right near his eye and then just leaves it there before he sits back down at the table beginning to speak more.

Stefan Raab: A 5 round boxing match against James Shark? Suits me fine since I already do have experience with boxing with 2 matches that I had against a female boxer which was for promoting reasons but this one isn't anything to do with that. In fact it's to do more with him taking things way too far with mine and Fizz's relationship and also the fact that he accused of Fizz cheating on me which is by any means is not true because she has been with me the whole time that some Mohammed guy making it such a sick joke of getting people to believe something that wasn't even true. I am not standing for that or letting anyone get away with it which is why I wanted you in a match James. Sean Mendez made things much more easier for me by making this match with me and James and he doesn't realise that I will be knocking James out with one punch that I am going to do on him. I am not going just by using the name Stefan Raab. Oh no I got a nickname for myself that I used in my last two boxing matches and I am going to known as The Killerplauze. You heard it first folks that's going to be the nickname that I am going under with all the matches that I am going to be in including this one I am in.

Stefan was really angry that he stomped on James's posing picture leaving a foot mark on it and then he went to his table getting a pen and marking a black eye on it to make it realistic and then goes back to his table and finds a miniature Shark toy that had his mouth wide open with the tongue stuck out. He continues to speak.

Stefan Raab: I told you I wasn't done James. This is what you look like on a daily bases you having a big gob and a large enough sized tongue that looks like you got an erection from sucking on Cody's cock too much. I went to England years ago one time and I had a Shark fillet and it was just disgusting that I had to spit all the crap out and threw it in the bin along with what you said on twitter and yourself from the streets and taking drugs. If you was my son. I throw you in the bin myself just knowing how pathetic you are. You are making wrestling a disgrace by smoking weed and just your spellings as well. Now I may not be the one for good English spelling but he writes on twitter like a child with the rap language that people use. You need to buy a dictionary my friend because even my English is better than yours is and I come from Germany. You are so dumb and stupid like seriously. Take a look at this for an example on how bad his English is.

Stefan shows people on the screen on his twitter page showing how bad his English was and Stefan was still wearing the mask of Sharkboy in TNA and the plastic surgery mouth mask as people laughed on how bad his English was and while he takes a drink of his water he continues to speak.

Stefan Raab: I hear that you haven't even been training for our match while I been in the gym day in day out preparing for our match and losing weight and now I hear that you are eating KFC chicken? That's not good preparation at all. I am pissed off with that as well to be honest that you been talking trash to me all of this time how you wanted a match with me and you go goofing off on twitter talking shit about me and my fiancée with your bi sexual buddy Cody too? Just absolutely disgraceful. You were the one that wanted a match with me and how you was going to beat me. Seems like to be the other way around the way you are carrying on with your shit. I will be knocking your ass out showing you just exactly what The Killerplauze is by giving you a black eye and you will be hurting badly since you pissed me off so badly and you hurt my feelings too.

Stefan had to say his last few words pretty soon as the show was nearly ending after talking about James for two hours now and there was no signs of him stopping as he was enjoying this so much that he had a smile on his face seeing James's weakness already being unprepared for what's coming to him on eating fatty foods as he takes a drink of his water and continues to speak one more time.

Stefan Raab: I have last few words to say before the show goes off air since it's coming to an end soon. You will not see the happy German person in the ring not even close because you will see me looking so angry at you and how you said you want to kill Fizz and my potential child? Not if you get through me first because no one will even get close to my fiancée or my child because she isn't going to be anywhere near that arena because she will be wrestling on Monday night as well not here though elsewhere because I am protecting her something you clearly cannot do with any of your girlfriends because you just don't care about anyone but yourself. Be careful what you wish for James because you just might get it. You are going to get Raabinated by me on knocking you out right in the middle of that boxing ring.

Stefan was finished doing his show for today as it was coming to an end as he took both of the masks off leaving them on his table before everyone went to meet up with Stefan as he always plans to meet his fans after the show has finished and then he goes back to Canada to sleep in an hotel room on his own for the big match up he has against James Shark tomorrow and wondering how his fiancée was doing too as he gets changed so he then goes off to sleep.


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Re: Which RP is better for both James Shark matches?

Post by Guest on Sat Aug 11, 2012 2:51 am

This is the RP I did today for the No DQ match.

Pissed off low confidence man. Anaheim, California. Tuesday 7th August.

Stefan has never ever stooped down this low in his life as he even needed to chat to his friend Elton and his other friend called Ross Anthony because he didn't want to show any emotions on his face about the whole Shark scenario and that made things worse as he couldn't talk to Fizz about the whole thing because she was pregnant with their baby and he was sitting on the sofa being pissed off as anything and his confidence was pretty low but that was why Elton and Ross were here to help him.

He had got into an argument with Ross before with the whole graves thing on destroying it but this whole James war ate him hard and bad and of course he wasn't going to admit to James that he was in his head but he was growing stronger each day by training at the StarrDome getting better with his skills in wrestling but he did want a match with James Shark because he knew this time around he had gained a lot of wrestling skills and was confident of defeating him more than before the boxing match.

Ross Anthony: Stefan dude. I know you got really angry but you have broke down completely. Listen I know how hard it is for you to cope with what James has said but you are a fucking fighter more than that child of James Shark.

Elton: He's a nobody Stefan. I mean he makes all these insults just to get you down like this. I know you have gone far with things but even you have never attempted to say things like killing people.

Stefan got angry as he actually was attempting to kill people this week especially with James Shark who had yet again threatened to say things like hoping that their future baby will get rapped and killed when it grows up and it just sent Stefan to another level and that was a reason why he just could not talk to Fizz about it especially on how heavily pregnant she was and his temper was beyond reached of the limits as he thought what Michael Lively done to Fizz was bad enough but just those threats alone made him change a lot.

Stefan Raab: Ross and Elton. I know you both think I am crazy but I do want to kill this man big time. I just can't put it into words what he said about Fizz and my soon to be son and I can't even tell Fizz about this.

Ross Anthony: I can really understand you on that because I also heard the shit he's been saying about you, Fizz and your unborn son and it's just disgusting and it's bad enough that people actually agree with this shit.

Elton: What in the blue blazes are you saying Stefan that you actually want to kill this man?

Stefan Raab: Didn't you fucking hear me Elton? Of course I want to kill him. You know I don't ever let a low life bastard like him say things like that. No one is going to stop me from doing what I want to do torturing someone and even bringing a flamethrower to burn his fucking face off.

Elton actually got up away from Stefan because he got real scared of him turning into some kind of a psychopath that him and Anthony saw with Stefan as of late as he got really nasty and even crossed lines in the past but it was a rivalry that needed to be ended once and for all. It wasn't just a fight. It was extremely personal between him and James right now as he hadn't forgotten about the last time he threatened to kill his unborn son that was still on the way. They both know that he was a monster but Stefan didn't want to admit that just yet but Ross and Elton can see it.

Elton: Stefan just calm the fuck down man. I know he has said unexplainable things but................

Stefan Raab: But what Elton? There are lines you shouldn't fucking cross and he did just that. You should know all about it seeing that you was there before my match with him and Corey Casey over in IWF and you are telling me to calm down? Fuck off.

Ross Anthony: Stefan seriously just hear him out he was just trying to help you as a friend like I am. James is just a fucking child that actually wants you to react like this.

Stefan knows that was exactly what James wanted to get a reaction out of him as he really wanted to train his ass off at the StarrDome these next few days as he hadn't been on twitter because otherwise James will think he will just try to get in his head but Stefan knows he hasn't really. It just made him more pissed off and more of a stronger fighter that he was going to be than he was before the boxing match and before the James Shark/Corey Casey match he had amongst the other IWF wrestlers that were also in the match.

A lot of people had forgotten about that match that Stefan took part in just to shut both of them up well he knew he did with one of them that being Corey Casey but he thought with James as well but that hasn't ended as Stefan always thought that James was a child but he had tricks up his sleeve and he knows more on what to do to really get up to James's skin on using bait to get back at him.

Stefan Raab: He is a big one at that but I got some tricks up my sleeve on getting back at him like doing something I thought I never would do on killing the man for revenge amongst other things I got planned too.

Ross Anthony: Another thing is that you got quite a big advantage on winning this match more than he has seeing that you can do whatever you want in the ring while with James. He can't because if he uses weapons or anything on you then he gets disqualified but you don't.

Stefan Raab: I hadn't thought of that Ross some good strategy there and seeing this referee doesn't like James Shark makes things more going on my way of winning the match. Let me go to the StarrDome now as I need to be prepared for this match and get James to witness every pain I got running in my body right about now.

Stefan smirks as Ross especially really cheered him up about the whole situation as there was a lot of things to plan like the whole torturing scenario that he plans to do on someone but no one apart from Stefan knows who this person might be just to get under James's skin just to piss him off more than he had done before the boxing match seeing just how much Stefan has changed and it was a massive change as he was almost a killer in the ring with the latest victim being Murray Muir lately defeating him against all the odds as he sets off to the StarrDome training facility in the car.

A Stalker On The Loose. Brooklyn, New York. Thursday 9th August.

Stefan found out a lot about James's family recently and there was one thing he found out about and that was about James's son called Shawn. Now there was some way he had to do to get into James's head and that was to do something he was good on doing on filming himself on stalking a little boy to school that he was turning into some kind of monster right about now as he hated the fact that James thought he could get inside of Stefan's head when that clearly didn't work at all as he sees the children playing outside via security cam as he holded a camera to his face and sees that James's son was very venerable to be stalked seeing how a sick twisted minded man Stefan had become since he turned into a full time wrestler.

He couldn't wait to start talking about the match as he needed to do this for the sake of revenge if anything to send a good message to James because he was not the push over man that he once was back in the days of his entertainment show business. He was a full time wrestler and seeing that he wanted to do something else but he couldn't because it would be against the law although he was breaking the law on stalking Shawn's school that was in New York. He had done something like this before on a young lady but this was something different and personal right now as he begins to speak.

Stefan Raab: My oh my how the tables have turned huh James? You have no idea where I am do you? Oh of course you don't seeing how much blatantly you don't care about your son and how I have heard you haven't seen him in months. Just look at this pathetic school that I hear about him being here. It's funny that I know exactly what school he goes to seeing that you have tried so many times to play games with me only that this time I have got you and bitten you right in the head. You have no idea how much I have changed since the last time you have faced me in the ring do you James? No because you saw the weak innocent me that I am no longer am.

He even knows Shawn's mobile number that he found out from the school documents that he had been reading recently and even seen pictures of his first school photo and he decides to send an disgusting message saying things like his daddy is going to get beaten up badly and be blooded up on Saturday night with an unknown number that of course Stefan wasn't going to claim who he was because James would find out so he disclosed his number and sent a message to Shawn's phone from Stefan himself.

Stefan Raab: From what I have been hearing. You never even seen your son for a long time because you are just too god dam selfish to even give him protection that he needs and that he's being adopted because you just can't think about him instead you prefer to be a manwhore to sleep other other females that you have running around and god knows how many diseases that you have gave to those women heck your girlfriend left you because you went into prison for having a gun in your bag now that's not good parenting at all is it? You are a bad father especially that people have spotted you sleeping with another girl makes me think you can't commit to yourself into a full time relationship seeing that what I call a prostitute seeing that I have heard you admitted that you would pay to have sex with women.

It was something that Stefan doesn't really do go into a school and be like a silent stalker as he was whispering every word he was saying just so he wouldn't get caught as he knew Shawn was in class without even being in the room as he had sent him another voice message saying that your daddy's nightmare is going to begin on Saturday night when someone goes out to get him to be killed. Stefan was being very naughty because he just flat out wanted to get into James's head by using his son as bait almost like how you would bait for a shark as he was being really out of order right now but no one could blame Stefan seeing that he got so pissed off with what James said about his future son getting kidnapped, rapped or murdered.

Stefan Raab: James you did one thing that I can comment on and that's seeing these pictures of your son and how good looking he really is compared to you that is being a disgusting ugly freak that you are. Actually your son looks nothing like you James so how in gods name can you claim that's your son is beyond me. I mean come on you got short hair and he's got long hair. I have actually come across his twitter page on twitter a few times more than once actually and his tweets are like boring just like how I find you James a boring son of a bitch that just repeats the same stuff over and over again while I have actually been out training for this match.

Stefan of course wasn't going to go in the school and threaten Shawn face to face because he knew he would get kicked out of the school and he actually wanted to make sure that James gets the message on him actually vandalising the school with graffiti paint writing on the walls saying someone is here to send you a message to your daddy Shawn as he found the classroom he was in from the outside window seeing what he was doing having the wicked evil smile on his face as he was seeing just exactly what he was doing as he was writing something with the essay on having something on a global map and he flinches his eyes trying not to do anything too sexual because it wasn't something he would do and would claim himself to be a paedophile as well which was something Stefan wasn't at all especially he has two daughters of his own.

Clearly that would go way out of his boundaries so he just thought to send Shawn a little present that he has with him that was already carefully wrapped up knowing that Stefan knows what was inside of this package and it was a knife because Stefan felt angry and he hoped that Shawn would open it and find out what it was for with this dangerous weapon as Stefan was playing a very dangerous game right now and he left the package on the doorstep of the school addressed to Shawn Zedic. He also was writing this letter to Shawn saying this to him.

Stefan Raab (Writing the letter): Dear Shawn. You're daddy made a big mistake when he said nasty things about my family as well as my soon to be wife. Just want you to know that if you tell you're daddy about this then sorry to say that you will get hurt as well as you're daddy will do on Saturday night. He made things personal between me and him and he is going to regret everything that he has said and done. Your dad is going to die and you will not see from him ever again when he gets lots of blood on his face. From question mark.

Not disguising himself was the best way on being the best hidden stalker as he could be as he ran out of the school just to be sure that no one was suspecting Stefan doing anything crazy which he was with Shawn as he just didn't care what he was doing because the target of today was to toy with James's emotions and attacking the heart of who he meant the most to him with his son being the main objective in this case as he actually was enjoying this hobby not injecting any contact with Shawn like he had planned to earlier but he decided to not be too cruel seeing that Stefan like to take things really far at times.

Stefan Raab: In a bit I am going to leave here and leave Shawn alone seeing that I have done enough to hopefully for me to get in your head. Dam shame this lad doesn't get the care in need and had to be adopted by his new parents. I am a changed man James not like you that keeps going your same old ways of actually wanting to still continue to sleep with girls and catching your poison to them seeing that you are a sick disgusting human being because you want to hope that my kid has a bad life well seems like your kid is having a terrible life right now trying to get away from me on filming almost everything he is doing and the trash talk you do is just beyond ridiculous like seriously. When are you going to act your age and not your shoe size?

Stefan was done playing a little mind games with him as he saw someone pick up the package that he had left for Shawn to open on his own along with the letter as well as he had to make his own way to Puerto Rico as he had stop recording on the camera and he actually was going to wrap up the video recording that Stefan had just done so he could even address it to Shawn so he could watch who was playing tricks and watched him the whole entire time that he was studying in some sort of geography lesson that he was in as he caught the plane there to face against James Shark yet again to end this once and for all.

Playing with fire. San Juan, Puerto Rico. Friday 10th August.

A day before the match against James Shark in Puerto Rico. Stefan decided to play with something was in order for this match and heck he was even attempting to bring this weapon to the arena tomorrow night known as a flamethrower. Now Stefan hadn't talked that much about James but that was all about to change especially when he kept terrorising Fizz and most of all his son and he was going to be straight out a monster as he was out somewhere in the streets of San Juan going to play with fire in the alleyway something he saw his friend do in his latest promo in a different company but he wasn't going to burn people. He wanted to surround himself with flames.

Stefan had been feeling very different about himself as of late as he was happy one minute and then the next having these anger problems that still strike him at any time but it really took a massive hit on him as he had been having these anger problems ever since before the Angelica Monroe match and they had eventually got worse especially when a man that tweets nothing but trash talking someone all day and that's what made Stefan angry and he was going to plan to burn something up really badly as well as tomorrow night. It was late at night at one in the morning and he was the only guy around.

He was wearing a fire suit along with a helmet showing that he was safely protected like the instructions for the army use of the flamethrower as he really did want to burn something up really badly and the secret as to why he wants to do it was about to come out using his monster voice he uses nowadays.

Stefan Raab: Did you enjoy me stalking your son at school James or didn't you know about that? Oh that's right because you just don't fucking care other than having all of these female friends come round your house and paying to have sex with them. You are a disease walking on this gods screen earth James. Nobody fucking cares about how many woman you sleep with but I tell you one thing and that's you make me turn into something like this especially with the things you have been saying on twitter you fucking bastard.

Stefan had got these migraines yet again but they were full on head on this time as all week around. Although he had been training at the StarrDome most of the week. He had always been angry and heck he had been told to calm down because he was really hurting opponents in the training gym and even was told to leave for the rest of the day as he out leashes this weapon he plans to bring into the arena tomorrow night and starts setting the wall on fire with the flamethrower as he holded the semi gun up in the air to show people that he was serious on bringing it in wrestling seeing he could do anything he can in the ring.

There were times that he wished that he could calm his temper down but he couldn't especially when a man took things personally with his family side of things and that was when it was it was a war almost like a world war three fight been sizing each other up all week well more James but Stefan kept silent throughout the whole thing. He sees that the wall was on fire with a smile on his face.

Stefan Raab: You see this weapon I have here James? This is what you called a flamethrower and because you really have gotten me so pissed off that tomorrow night I am going to bring this thing with me to the wrestling arena and do you know what I am going to do to use this flame thrower for you arrogant loud mouth prick?

Stefan was going to shout first time he has ever done this in any kind of talking but it needed to be done showing anger on his face even you could see the expression on Stefan's face.


Stefan literally was shouting really loud that people looked around the corner until they saw him with the flamethrower and even lighted up and then people just ran away seeing that he was beyond raging with anger until he suddenly saw one of his friends walking around the corner knowing it was Stefan in the mask and begins to speak wondering what the hell he was doing in an alley way this time of the night.

Joey Kelly: Stefan. What the hell you are doing here this time of the night?

Stefan Raab: To show this fucking prick that I mean business Joey some no a lot of personal issues to deal with this black cunt James Shark.

Joey Kelly: I don't like the way you talk Stef sorry but you just went absolutely crazy. I have no idea who and what you are talking about but you are being someone that you are not right now.

Stefan Raab: I like you Joey but this guy made things this way now just go before you will get hurt because trust me the mood I am in I will hurt you. Please leave me alone. I will be fine.

Joey then walked away from Stefan another one of those friends that he had been with throughout Stefan's entertainment career when he used to do it since that was all now in the past and wrestling was his main career since he announced quite some time ago that he retired from doing it because there was a point where Stefan had to make a big decision and he decided seeing that there wasn't anything else to do with his entertainment career anymore. He just wanted to move on and forget about the past.

The funny thing is that Stefan had already forgotten about the boxing match that he had with James seeing that it was completely irrelevant to the match and he wanted to mention something about the IWF match that he had a while ago with James and Corey Casey which most people have forgotten about however. He was just interested in burning James's face off as he wasn't going to yell any more seeing that kind of wore him out quite a lot.

Stefan Raab: You seem to have forgotten about that tornado tag team match that I took part in didn't you? Didn't you see how much I got you beaten up so bad that Corey had to pick the pieces up for you? Yes sure you and Corey defeated me but guess who was the weakest bitch in that match? You James and I will do everything it takes to do the same yet again only this time it's not a tornado tag match. It's a single's match one on one against each other with me having the big advantage over this being a no disqualification match which means I can do anything I want in the ring especially if it means burning your face up with this flame thrower I got there making sure you really do feel the heat of these flames.

Just thinking about the match kind of made Stefan had a smirk on his face especially when it was regarding an American opponent something that he really wanted to face in the ring. He actually brought an American flag with him seeing he was that pissed off with the country and it was a large flag with all the stars and stripes on it and he sees that Joey left some alcohol for Stefan that was on top of the wall that he wasn't burning opposite him and he could do with an alcoholic drink seeing that how pissed off he was and he actually did have drinking problems a lot although he had calmed it down recently. Tonight Stefan was nowhere near calm as he drank one can of beer after the other.

Then he drank whisky and vodka all that was left by Joey knowing that it will make Stefan feel so much better and by being drunk it actually did make him a lot stronger and better fighter especially when he was angry and he was going for red wine now and drank all of the bottle like he has with whisky and vodka ones that were lying around as James kind of made Stefan being back on the drink as he was already very drunk but he wasn't going to put the flag on fire just yet.

Stefan Raab: Oh I know what you been saying you son of a bitch on calling me a pussy? James you are pathetic I don't know the meaning of the word seeing that I fight anytime anywhere because I am not afraid not like you seem to be or should be seeing my nickname is The Killerplauze which means I kill people in the ring. You saw what I did to Corey Casey in that tornado tag match didn't you? That will be the same to you but worse I will give you a concussion that make you send straight to fucking hell that you came from. I never chicken my way out of fights because I have guts and brains something you need to learn and work on big time especially with me being a complete monster that I am turning into. You are going to have a lot of problems taking me out this time.

Stefan feels that he was getting stronger every single day seeing that he gained a six pack on his body just from working out in the gym and that he lost a heck a lot of weight to be in the best shape of his life and he knows all about James used to eat KFC chicken in the past and seeing that he was taking this whole match a complete joke yet again. That was another thing that Stefan had a problem with was that nearly all but a few wrestlers go into the match before facing Stefan thinking it was all a joke but Stefan was absolutely serious about every match that he was going to take part in as he already wanted to burn the American flag as he put the flame thrower on it and then he put the fire out by urinating on the American flag.

He then zipped his trousers up and sees the burned drenched American flag that was on the floor that it was right now smiling to himself knowing that the damage was done and he remembers a lot about what happened in the boxing match it was coming back to him seeing it was a complete joke in the first place as he was going to say a lot more about the match and then he uses the flame thrower again making sure he was surrounding himself with flames.

Stefan Raab: Then I remember you saying in the interview that I have only defeated Murray Muir and Angelica Monroe? Ha you brainless idiot. I have defeated a total of eight opponents and I could run down a fucking list on who they are but no I would be saying them all day boring myself to death. You wouldn't know that I actually have had a title shot in the past and how did that happen? By beating three fucking men in one night to earn it. Look up the history that clearly states in my bio or were you too high on smoking weed to even find out about that?

Stefan was going to say his last few words about the match as he was done almost seeing that he couldn't wait to get in the ring with James one last time to end all the bullshit and trash talking once and for all as the whole thing to Stefan for James he was going to see the side of Stefan he had never seen before the psychopathic evil person walking on earth as he knows that he was in for a good old fight and of course killing James and his gob is something that he is going to do for real as he clinches his hands as hard as he can.

Stefan Raab: Anyway think whatever you fucking said about me in that interview because you know the saying actions speak louder than words? Oh I forgot you are not that sort of guy are you to even know about that? That's right you talk all gangster shit that keeps being all the same old shit that nobody wants to hear anymore. This Killerplauze will kill you in the ring and you will feel every single pain you never felt in your whole entire life. You're bones in your body will be crushed and broken in bits and pieces and you will not be getting up when the match is over especially that I can use weapons smashing you on the head with the steel chair busting you wide open and burning your face out. Be prepared to be Raabinated by The Killerplauze black fucker. See you tomorrow night.

He took everything that he had with him except the 10 cans of beer and bottles of whisky, vodka and red wine that were left in a dark alleyway and then suddenly he got a text on his phone from one of Fizz's family members of a motocross rider called Dean Wilson Fizz's brother saying this as he was about to walk back to the hotel room.

Dean Wilson (Text message): Stefan. You have to come back to America as soon as possible because Fizz is in labour with the baby.

Stefan was shocked but then he knew a bit more about it because she had told him recently that she was eight months into her pregnancy and he was going to text Dean back saying this.

Stefan Raab (Text message): Oh shit. Thank you for letting me know Dean and I be straight over there and then coming back to Puerto Rico.

Stefan got the message that she was in labour with the baby as he had to go straight to the airport to get a flight back to America in California where he had to go and visit Fizz in hospital to see the delivery of his third child as he was so worried about Fizz being there delivering the baby with her brother there and it ended up being a premature baby that had to be in observation for a few weeks and then he snogged Fizz before going straight back to Puerto Rico to prepare for his match against James Shark tomorrow night as he went to sleep in his hotel room.


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