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Leah Greyjoy

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Leah Greyjoy

Post by Leah Greyjoy on Sat Jul 21, 2012 4:58 am


PICBASE: Lisbeth Salander

REAL NAME: Leah Greyjoy
NICKNAME(S): Queen of Zombies
HEIGHT: Five Foot' Evil
WEIGHT: 9 Stones of Rotten Flesh
FROM: Where The Wild Things Are *Actually from Cardiff, Wales
ALIGNMENT: Face. She is an obvious cult favorite amongst the masses.
ENTRANCE: The lights lowered as the fog machines clicked on.

"You're all going to die down here" says a female voice that is of panic and desperation.

The soulful key strokes of King Of The World by Porcelain And The Tramps convoluted the airwaves of the current All Star Wrestling arena. Eternally bellowing from own ambition, Leah emerged from the obsidian curtains and amongst the populous who adored her. She stood at the top of the ramp, slightly leaned forward as she rocked on the heels of her feet the way a zombie does when it tries to stand still. Fans cosplaying as zombies bowed down to her awesomness as she slowly walked down the ramp. Armed with her ASWF title strapped diagonally across her body , face paint and a smile like a guillotine, Leah took a moment to embrace the crowd’s love before jumping up on the turnbuckle, letting her head drift back and spraying green mist from her mouth into the air. As the lights turned back on and the music died down, the crowd showered Leah in a sheer mass of purple and green streamers.

BRIEF GIMMICK DESCRIPTION: The Queen of Zombies. Wrestles in a way one would expect a zombie to wrestle. At times feeling almost impervious to pain. Stalking her opponents slowly across the ring until she goes in for the kill.



Poisoned Frankinsteiner - Click here to view

Karma Klutch - Cheerleader Melissa's Gorilla/Koji Cltuch Click here to view

'Krypteria Driver' - Kudo Driver
'A Tragic Comedy Curbstomp' - Surfboard Facecrusher
'PHAAANNNTAAASSSMAAAGOORIAAA!!!!' -El Generico's 'BRAINBUSTAH' off the turnbuckle but yet onto the turnbuckle.

Running Hip Attack
Top Rope Hip Attack
Backpack Stunner
Running Headbutt
Inverted Lungblower
Corner/Springboard Body Splash
Pepsi Plunge
Yakuza Kick
Flipping Seated Senton
Cattle Mutilation
Shining Axe Kick
Jumping Rolling Elbow
Diving Double Stomp

WEAPON OF CHOICE: Her own suicidal tendencies


BIOGRAPHY: A kindred spirit who looks to make her weakness, her strength. She tried to drown her sorrows but the bastards learned how to swim. Leah is strong because she has been been weak, she is fearless because she has been afraid and she is wise because she has been foolish. After spending most of her years in a wayward psychiatric ward for girls, Leah became a wrestler upon her release as a way to wrestle her demons from the past.

Wrestling Attire:

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Leah Greyjoy

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Re: Leah Greyjoy

Post by Leah Greyjoy on Thu Aug 02, 2012 2:02 pm

- 8/2/12 - Change picture base to Lisbeth Salander
Leah Greyjoy

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