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Roman Moreno

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Roman Moreno

Post by Roman Moreno on Wed Oct 03, 2012 3:59 pm

AllStar Wrestling Federation Contract

REAL NAME: Roman Moreno
NICKNAME(S): The Live Wire, The Deception, The Twisted Genius
HEIGHT: 6 ft 2
FROM: Manhatten New York
ENTRANCE: "In The End" begins to play through the House System, Purple Strobe lights flicker on and off as the lights dim, Suddenly a Purple spotlight fixes on the stage showing Roman standing there with his hands clasped in front of himself and his head bowed down.

Roman slowly lifts his head up with a huge smirk on his face, the crowd give him a mixed reception as he begins to walk down the ramp with a confident Swagger, as he reaches the bottom of the ramp he looks from side to side at the crowd and chuckles slightly before sliding under the bottom rope, Roman slowly gets to his feet before making a gun sign with his hand and placing his fingers against his head and pretends to pull the trigger, he smirks again before walking and leaning against the nearest turnbuckle waiting for the match to start.

BRIEF GIMMICK DESCRIPTION: Deceptive, Uses his brain to get what he wants in wrestling, Can basically out smart anyone
THEME MUSIC: Linkin Park-In The End

Roman Empire(Vertabreaker)
Roman God (Spinning Impaler)
Honourable Death (Spear, Sometimes from the top turnbuckle, or anywhere high)

The Deception (Bicycle Kick)
The Fall of The Empire (Full nelson facebuster)

Fall forward diving facebuster
Back suplex side slam
Clothesline ( sometimes from the top rope)
Hip toss neckbreaker
Running single leg dropkick from ringside to an opponent leaning through the ropes
Stinger splash
Super hip toss

FIGHTING STYLE: Smart/Technical

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: NCAA Division One Heavyweight Champion
♚Early Life♚
Moreno a Manhattan native was born into a typical Italian family, his mother a house wife and his father Chef, Roman grew up some what Middle class and was almost destined to follow into the family business and become a chef, but Roman had no desire to be like his father, He was a very athletic Teenager in High School competing in Wrestling and Football, after Roman graduated from High School he decided Football was not for him but his path Lay with Wrestling.

♚Amature Wrestling Career♚
After Finishing High School Roman was offered Multiple Scholarships with Different Colleges but Decided to go to New York State, to be closer to his Family and Girlfriend, Roman was a star at New York state going undefeated in his first year and also winning the NCAA Division one Heavyweight Championship, After this Roman was offered the chance to drop out of College and sign a Professional Wrestling Contract, but he rejected and decided to stay and defend his newly won championship after successfully Ending his second Year Undefeated Roman and retaining his Championship, Roman Decided it was time to Try out for the Olympic Wrestling Team, Roman Successfully made it into the Team but was dropped on his way to the 2008 Bejing Games due to an Injury, Roman stated he would be back in the Team for the 2012 Games but He Ultimatly retired from Amature Wrestling a Year after recovering from his Injury.

♚Professional Wrestling Career♚
Roman Began to train for His Professional Wrestling Career in Mid 2010 under the tutorage of Thiago DaSilva, DaSilva trained Roman for the best Part of One Year before a Dispute between the Two Ultimatly Broke the Partnership up, Roman then began to train with Michael O'Connell for the remainder of 2011 and the start of 2012 before Roman decided it was time to Start his Wrestling Career.

♚Total Impact Wrestling♚
On the 23rd of September 2012 it was announced by TIW that Roman Moreno the multiple time NCAA Division One Heavyweight Champion had signed a Deal with the Company, Nothing else was Disclosed at this time.

♚Personal Life♚
Moreno is Married to fellow Professional Wrestler Joanna who he met in High School when they were both 18, They Married on Valentins Day 2011 after dating for Five Years.

Roman Moreno

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