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Acuzio Mendez

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Acuzio Mendez

Post by Acuzio Mendez on Sun Oct 07, 2012 6:28 pm


PICBASE: Saul Alvarez

REAL NAME: Acuzio Mendez
WRESTLERS NAME: Acuzio "Ace" Mendez
NICKNAME(S): Fighting Pride Of The Latinos
HEIGHT: 5 ft 9
FROM: San Cabo Luca

The Lights dim Down and Strobe lights in the color of the Mexican Flag begin flashing through out the arena, the crowd begin to cheer heavily.

Back up on dat ass, back to put Fighters on one knee
Like they 'bout to run a 100 meter dash
Bow down to greatness, before I get pissed and
Run up in the stands like the Indiana Pacers

Covered all my bases, straight, no chasers
Diamonds on my chain look like my neck's full of glaciers
Titanic flow, Titanic dough, women on my nuts like
"Where da Titanic go?"

Acuzio comes out from behind the curtain with his black and gold boxing robe on with the hood up, followed out by his Team behind him, he beats his MMA Styled gloves off of each other before raising one of his hands in the air, the crowd go wild for him.

Champ you got it, keep on movin’
They ain’t got nuttin’ on ya, watch for the sneak dissin’
These boys’ll smile in your face and stab you right in the back
Breathe, take some water, this is money in the bank

They defeatin’ themselves champ, you know what you can do
You Acuzio, you lookin’ good, let’s go!
C’mon baby, hard work and dedication
You know what it is man, keep fightin’!

Acuzio continues to make his way down the ramp with a focused and determind look on his face, he rolls his neck from side to side as he made his way to the bottom of the ramp.

Back up on da scene, back to put a nail in these rappers' coffins
I got the hammer in my jeans
Call me Mr. Fixit, barrel stay hotter than
A fresh batch of home-made buttermilk biscuits

A-tisket, a-tasket, a custom-made casket
Luda leaves the trouters stretched out like gymnastics
And acrobatics I'm superstar status
The mouth of the South like gangsta grillz you bastards

Acuzio slowly climbs up the steel steps before one of his team walk over and lean on the ropes allowing Acuzio to get through the middle of the ropes, As He gets in the ring Acuzio jumps up slightly rasing his hands high in the air, one of his Team take his robe off, revealing his black and gold Boxing Trunks with the Name Lauren Etched into the waist band in gold writting.

BRIEF GIMMICK DESCRIPTION: Acuzio is a very Private Person, He doesn't like to put himself in the spot light except for when it is for the sport he loves, He doesn't go out to make trouble but if you start on him he will fire back, In the ring he is no nonsense, he comes to fight and he comes to win, He leaves 100 Percent of himself in the ring, He refuses to back down from anyone.
THEME MUSIC: Ludacris - Undisputed

FINISHER(S): Mexican Kiss (Descripton: A Hard Left Boxing Hook Followed by A Hard Right Boxing Hood To the Head, Then Followed up with a Huge Uppercut knocking down, although he was out cold before the final Uppercut *Note: No One Gets Up)

Silent Kill (Descripton: Five Powers Follow Jabs With Each Hand, before a Leaping Uppercut knocking the Opponent down to the canvas)

SIGNATURES: Dog Bite (Decription: Acuzio Allows his Opponent to Fling Straight Hands at him, Acuzio Pulls Away before Dancing Out of the away *Like Mohammad Ali* After He lets his Opponent wear himself out Acuzio Strikes with a Huge High knee to his Opponents Chin)

Rope And Fuck You (Description: Acuzio Lays on the ropes whilst his opponent Tries to strike him and Uses Mohammad Ali's Rope and Dope To Avoid every punch, before leaping when he finds and opening and his his opponent with a huge headbutt)

REGULAR MOVES - 5 MIN: Just Give Him Any Regular Moves Aslong as They are Strike Based

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Mexico Jr Golden Gloves Boxing champion
BIOGRAPHY: Acuzio Mendez Grew up in San Cabo Lucas Mexico, He is the son of Professional Wrestlers Ceaser Mendez and His Ex Wife Rosita Guerra, Growing up Acuzio was more into Boxing than his family sport of wrestling, But after an Unbelievable Junior Career in boxing where he was undefeated, he quit Boxing and finally joined the family Business of Wrestling.

Acuzio is married to Lauren Perez who he has known all of his life.


Acuzio Mendez

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ASWF Earnings: $50,000
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