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Britani McIntyre

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Britani McIntyre

Post by Britani Mcintyre on Sun Oct 07, 2012 10:30 pm

AllStar Wrestling Contract

PICBASE: Velvet Sky
REAL NAME: Britani Mcintyre
WRESTLERS NAME: Britani Mcintyre
NICKNAME(S): Punky Princess
FROM: Glasgow Scotland
ENTRANCE: Porn Star Dancing begins to play through the P.A System as Britani Mcintyre comes out on to the top of the ramp with a huge smile on her face, She jumps up slightly as she is very excited, She waves to the crowd before skipping down the ramp slapping five with the fans before sliding into the ring and pointing up to the sky, with a huge smile on her face.
BRIEF GIMMICK DESCRIPTION: All around, Punky, nerdy Girl

FINISHER(S): Princess Power (CB4 Driver) Kiss Goodnight (Air Raid Driver) Knockout Kick (Moonsault Double Footstomp)
SIGNATURES: Britani Clutch (Kondo Clutch) Glasgow Slam(Albama Slam) BKM(Yoshi Tonic)
REGULAR MOVES - 5 MIN: Bridging Northern Lights suplex[71][72]
Full nelson[73]
Monkey flip[74]
Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker[75]
Arm drag reversal into a pin[96]
Low dropkick to the opponent's face, as a sunset flip counter[96]
Hurricanrana, sometimes to an oncoming opponent[3]
Missile dropkick[8]
Multiple arm drags[8]
Spinning heel kick[3]
Military press transitioned into either a slam or a drop[1][9]
Seated double chickenwing[96][97]
Slingshot suplex[1]

FIGHTING STYLE: Normally Like Kelly Kelly but when Mad More Like Beth Phoenix also with a little bit of MMA mixed in
WEAPON OF CHOICE: Pink Police Baton

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: 187 Diva's Champion (3 Times)
BIOGRAPHY: Growing up in Glasgow Scotland Britani was thrusted into the wrestling limelight, By her father and Mother both who were Wrestler, Britani spent most of her early teens in the ring before at age 16 was scouted By Sean Mendez and brought to America to Train in his world Famous 187 Wrestling Academy, She Spent a three months training there before getting called up to the XWE promotion still at age 16, Britani Had a short undefeated Streak before disappearing from Television, she resurfaced back in The 187 Academy A few Months Later and has remained there ever since.

Britani Mcintyre

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Wrestler Info
ASWF Earnings: $70,000
ASWF Record: [W:1] [L:0] [D:0]
ASWF Popularity:
50/100  (50/100)

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