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Vazer Vialpondo

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Vazer Vialpondo

Post by Vazer on Sun Oct 07, 2012 11:27 pm


PICBASE: Homicide

REAL NAME: Vazer Vialpondo
NICKNAME(S): Last Outlaw, Last Latin King, Last Latin Outlaw
HEIGHT: 5'10
FROM: El Barrio Mexico
ENTRANCE: Almighty Latin Kings-King Like Me begins playing through out the arena as the Arena goes dark, Strobe lights in the color of the Mexican flag began flicker around the arena as the Mexican Icon Vazer makes his way out from behind the Curtain Wearing his typical Bandanna across his face with the Mexican Flag drapped over his head.

Vazer slowly begins making his way down the ramp as the crowd give a mixed reaction to him, but he doesn't really give a fuck either way, he stops at the bottom of the ramp to take off the flag and the Bandanna before running and flipping through the Second rope landing on his feet in the middle of the ring.

BRIEF GIMMICK DESCRIPTION: Really? Yall know Vazer a Crazy ass Mother fucker
THEME MUSIC: Almighty Latin Kings-King Like Me (Humboldt Park)

FINISHER(S): THE GRINGO KILLA (Vertabreaker) The Vazer Bomb(99 Crusher Onto Either a Steel Chair Etc Or Off the Top Rope) The VAzer Express(Spear from the top rope)
SIGNATURES: Frog splash
Kimura with neckscissors
El Barrio Lariat (Running lariat)

REGULAR MOVES - 5 MIN: Bronx Bomber 27 (Sitout scoop slam piledriver)
Diving double foot stomp
Double leg slam
Multiple suplex variations
Bridging / Release exploder
Overhead belly to belly
Overhead double underhook sometimes from the top rope
Triple rolling verticals
Shining wizard
Sitout double underhook powerbomb
Standing or a running arched big boot
Topé con Hilo (Somersault topé through the second and top ropes)

FIGHTING STYLE: Ruthless,Reckless,Careless

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: XWE Tag Team Champion( 8 Times)
XWE Hardcore Champion (5 Times)
XWE Heavyweight Champion (1 Time)
XWE King Of The Cage Champion (3 times)
XWE Triple Crown Champion
XWE Hall Of Famer

SCW Heavyweight Champion (1 Time)
SCW US Champion (1 Time)
SCW Tag Team Champion (2 times)

UCZ Heavyweight Champion (1 Time)
UCZ Hardcore Champion (2 times)

BIOGRAPHY: -Early Life-
Vazer Vialpondo. Grew up in the Mean Streets of Mexico, Were he was constantly in and out of trouble with the Law, Whilst in a bare knuckle street fight his talents for fighting caught the eye of Mexican Wrestling Legend El Masscare who Invite Vazer to Train at his Training Center and from that Day on Vazer went on to make a name for himself in Wrestling.

-Early XWE Career-
Vazer Debuted in Late 2005 making a huge name for himself in an Open Battle Royal for number one Contendership of the Hardcore Championship, From that moment on he started to Cemente his Legacy as the King of Hardcore after Winning the title from Kyle Walker in a No Holds Barred match, He would remain feuding with Walker over the Hardcore title for the Remainder of 2005.

-The Beginning of The Latin Era-
After losing the Hardcore title to Kyle Walker at XWE; Courage Pay Per View, The young Latin star was not to be seen or heard from until April when he interfered in The HEavyweight title match At there Annual When Worlds End PPV, In witch he help his fellow Mexican Star Sean Mendez Win the World title from The Great Milenko in the months To Follow the Pair began to recruit Latin wrestler to go against XWE, this would also See Vazer capturing Tag Team Gold on 8 Seperate Occasions with Various Members of the LAX Stable.

- The End Of the Road For The Latin King-
During the LAX stable's reign of terror, the group pushed Boundaries until Vazer took it to far when He set fire to Commentator Bo Baker, These Actions lead to Vazer being fired by the Company


HOW DID YOU FIND US?: Yellow Brick Road


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