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Spin Cycle I

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Spin Cycle I

Post by Tyson Michaels on Fri Oct 19, 2012 4:00 pm

The Opening Video for ASWF Spin Cycle Finishes playing as Kaleb Morrison stood behind his desk, He stood with his famous Texas smirk as he licked his lips

looking at the camera.

Kaleb Morrison: Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to the very First Edition of ALL STAR WRESTLING FEDERATION SPIN CYCLE, I am Your Host Kaleb

Morrision and please join me in welcoming my guest this week The Legend that is Cody Taylor, His Youngest Brother and ASWF Newest Signing Damien Taylor, One Of The Top

rookies of 2012 Stefan Raab and Of Course The Future Acuzio Mendez.

The camera moves around the set showing the guest as Cody Taylr had his Many titles placed in front of him and His brother Damien as he smirked slightly the camera

fixed back on Kaleb Morrison.

Kaleb Morrison:Let's get this show started with the very first question, as the twitter world is blowing up with the news of the return of

ASWF, What I want to know is With ASWF Returning to Television on November Fourth for what is set to be the biggest card so far in this companies history, How do you

feel about the Return of the Unbeatable, unmatchable, Unstoppable, Uncensored Allstar Wrestling Federation? Lets take it for a Spin.... Stefan.

Kaleb pointed at Stefan as the camera moved to him. Stefan slowly raised his head up looking at Kaleb.

Stefan Raab:I am very excited to be apart of the card as it's my third time of ever having a title shot but nothing as big as the chance I have

got against Romeo Valentine on having the chance to win five titles. I am also looking forward to the match between Cody Taylor and Brendan Maddox as there has been a

lot of hype towards both of them these last few weeks. Can't wait for company to start again with lots of talented new wrestlers that have signed up as well. Should

make things that extra special.

The Camera Moves to Cody who was slowly putting his cup of an Unknown Beverage down on the desk.

Cody Taylor:I'm very Excited to see the return of ASWF. You know it was a shame we went off air for awhile but no we are back, We have a whole

load of hot new talent ready to make their mark here in the company. ASWF One should be a great event, I can't wait to become a Ten Time World Champion when I Beat

Brendan Maddox and I hope Stefan Raab can also walk away with the titles.

Stefan Nodded slightly before the Camera Moved over to Acuzio Mendez, Who was sitting ther resting his chin on his knuckles.

Acuzio Mendez:The Business needed this to happen, I fell that wrestling is on a slow decline to be honest after ASWF went off the air it was

like what did we have left? IWF? really who is going to watch that? They got boring after Team Swag Left.

Cody smirked at his answer and nodded his head in agreement.

Acuzio Mendez:So Yeah It's great to have ASWF back and I'm very proud to be apart of this company, Hopefully I can help it grow once again.

Maybe I could be in the same Position as Cody And Stefan in the coming Months.

The Cameras move to Damien who was sitting there playing with his Snapback, He slowly looked up and was shocked to notice the camera was on him.

Damien Taylor:DOG WARNING NEXT TIME AIGHT? Anyway It's great to like see ASWF Come back and all. This is without a doubt the best company in

the world, We have all the major talent, From Rising stars to Future Legends Like My Brother Cody and Legends Like L.A.X. I Can't wait to watch ASWF One, It really is

going to be the start of something special, I'm bummed tho, I'm not on the card.

the Camera moved to Kaleb Morrison.

Kaleb Morrison: onto our Next question witch is Everyone uses it these Day's Social Networking What's your opinion on it are you Pro Twitter

or Against Twitter? Take it for a spin Damien Taylor.

The camera moved to Damien who was sitting there looking uninterested, until the Question came up.

Damien Taylor:TWITTER IS FUCKING AWESOME, I've pissed off so many people in just a few short days, I think I might have outted Ryan Hall as a

Pedo Though, But whatever. Plus I get to tweet The Sexy Mercedez Perez, She's really hot dude, Like Smoking hot, even hotter than Adree.

Cody Taylor:LIES Adree is the hottest Girl ever.

Damien Taylor:Shut Up Dumbass.

The Camera moves back to Kaleb who is shaking his head before moving back to Cody.

Cody Taylor:Anyway before the midget started annoying me and shit I was going to say I'm pro Twitter, Ya Kno I like to go out there and hype a

match, I like the world to know about the match, Twitter allows me to hype the fuck out of matches. Sometimes You get Idiots like Ryan Hall on Twitter but other than

those guys Twitter is dope.

Damien nodded inagreement.

Damien Taylor:Yeah Ryan Hall is an Idiot.

The camera moves to Stefan who is seemingly nodding inagreement.

Stefan Raab:I am with twitter actually funny enough because it gives you the sense of freedom to express your feelings about things and making

friends in the wrestling business but also it just hypes your match up just that much more than it usually does when you don't have twitter.

The Camera then moves to Acuzio.

Acuzio Mendez:Well obviously I have Twitter, But I Rarely use it. I mainly just use it to tweet my wife Lauren, Twitter has alot of Keyboard

Warriors out there trying to be something they are not, They have Done Nothing in this sport, They have Very Little talent yet they try to talk trash. I just don't

have time for that, I'm trying to cement my legacy in this sport.

The Camera moves back to Kaleb.

Kaleb Morrison:well that question seemed to cause some tension between camps, Now Everyone has a favourite Sports team, Who Is your Team and

Why? Lets take it for A Spin Acuzio

Acuzio smiled slightly as the camera fixed on him.

Acuzio Mendez:Only Sport Team I support is Mexico. I came from a Family that fought for the rights for Latin Wrestlers in this sport, I grew

up respecting and loving my heritage. So Even though I am not a huge sports fan, I will always support Mexico in anything they do.

Kaleb nodded before pointing at Stefan.

Stefan Raab:My favourite team is in soccer known as FC Cologne spelt Koln in Germany because I was born and raised there and I supported them

ever since I was born and we have a strong connection between us as well.

Damien Taylor:Soccer sucks. It's Boring as hell

Cody nodded inagreement with his brother.

Damien Taylor:Team Dee Tay Homie, We go hard like no other, If you don't support Team Dee Tay then you obviously supporting the Wrong Team.

Damien pointed at his Dee Tay chain as Cody shook his head at him.

Cody Taylor:I'm a Lakers Boy. Born in Los Angeles only team worth supporting there.

The camera moved back to Kaleb who is looking a Damien's Chain with him.

Kaleb Morrison:Who is your favourite ASWF Wrestler of all time?... Lets take it for a spin CODY.

The Camera fixes on Cody.


Everyone laughed except Cody who kept a straight face.

Cody Taylor:I don't really have one to be honest, If I had to pick I would probably say myself cause I feel like I've done it all, I have

nothing left to do in this business... But Hopefully some of this new talent come along and try knock me out of the history books.

The Camera Moves to Acuzio Mendez.

Acuzio Mendez:Well It has to be the Man sitting right over there Cody Taylor. I Mean who else could do what he did in such a short period of

time? He Came out from no where and took over the sport, His name is everywhere, I Respect him alot, He has earned everyone's respect and those who do not respect him

are Morons who know nothing about this sport.

The Camera Moves to Stefan who was nodding inagreement with Acuzio.

Stefan Raab:I got to say Cody Taylor to because he has done most things that people have only achieved in years in wrestling but this guy amazes

me on what he has done in wrestling and UFC just under a year and now he wants to take up boxing and that alone for me I have to respect and like the guy for that.

The Camera moved over to Damien who was looking at his brother with a huge smirk on his face.

Damien Taylor:Cody Taylor. WHY? Cause He's Cody Taylor, Do you not know who Cody Taylor is? Cody Taylor is the Man, Cody Taylor is the

greatest that ever lived.

Cody smiled slightly.

Damien Taylor:F.Y.I He paid me to say that.

Cody growled slightly at Damien.

Damien Taylor:I Kid My brothers Legit awesome.

The Camera moves back to Kaleb who is laughing at Damien.

Kaleb Morrison:lets move on to the next question before Cody kills Damien, If You could face anyone who would it be?... Lets take it for a

spin Damien.

The Camera moves to Damien.

Damien Taylor:I Get to Wrestle Mercedes EVERYNIGHT DOG.

Cody shook his head slightly.

Cody Taylor:He definatly takes after me. Anyway my pick would be Hector Fernandez. Alot of People Won't know who he is, But Hector Fernandez was

a Puerto Rican MMA Fighter and Professional Wrestler, He was the first guy to do both. Hector is one of my idols, He is Puerto Rican like myself and he is what

inspired me to go into both sports.

The Camera then Moves to Acuzio Mendez.

Acuzio Mendez:If I could Face anyone It would probably be my Uncle Sean Mendez. He is one of those guys that gave his heart to this sport and

asked for nothing in return, I would love to battle him in the middle of the ring.

The Camera moves to Stefan Raab.

Stefan Raab:Cody Taylor because I respect him as a fighter and as a person a lot and I know he would make me up my game in wrestling that no one

has taken me as of yet.

The Camera cuts back to Kaleb who was nodding before he turned to look at Cody.

Kaleb Morrison:You are very popular Cody, Anyway finally Reveal a Secret that No one knows about you? Lets Take it for a spin Stefan Raab.

The Camera moves to Stefan.

Stefan Raab:I always have to put my left wrestling shoe on first before my right one before every match I wrestle in..

The camera moves to Acuzio

Acuzio Mendez:My secret is that I'm weirdly addicted to Old School Cartoon's from the 90's

The Camera then Moves to Cody.

Cody Taylor:I Love Adree Perez, Rochelle Taylor, Cody Taylor Junior, Mya Taylor, Kelly Taylor, Ryan Taylor, Damien Taylor, Mercedes Perez,

Lauren Perez, Saffron Dior and Dezzy Spencer... They Are My Family.

The Camera Moves to Damien who had a huge smirk on his face.

Damien Taylor:I'm better than Cody at Everything.

Cody turned to look at Damien with a Pissed off look on his face.

Cody Taylor:Care to prove that Midget?

Damien turned to look at Cody.

Damien Taylor:BRING IT BITCH.

The camera moves back To Kaleb who is looking on at the brothers arguing.

Kaleb Morrison:Someone seperate those two.We have ran out of time folks, Join us again next week for another edition of the Spin Cycle..


The End Of Show Video began playing as The Panel began talking inaudibly.

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