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Carly Cairns

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Carly Cairns

Post by Carly Cairns on Mon May 06, 2013 12:16 am


PICBASE: Kelly Kelly

REAL NAME: Carly Faith Cairns
HEIGHT: 5ft 5in
WEIGHT: 125lbs
FROM: Lafayette, LA
ENTRANCE: "Riot" By Three days Grace hits. Carly walks out with a serious look on her face. The fans start having a mixed reaction towards her. She throws up the rocker horns as gets a few cheers. Carly walks down the ramp still slapping a few of the fans hands. Her hips have a little sway to them as well as a sassy walk. As she gets to the apron she smirks Walking up the steps she licks her lips os suductively and jumps over the top rope with an evil smile.
THEME MUSIC: "Riot" By Three days Grace

Reverse Twisted of fate

REGULAR MOVES - 5 MIN: Diving crossbody
Snap DDT
Tornado DDT
jumping DDT
Roundhouse kick
Figure-four leglock
Belly-to-back inverted mat slam
Sitout jawbreaker
Flipping neckbreaker
Springboard kneeling facebuster
Bow and arrow stretch
Forward Russian legsweep

FIGHTING STYLE: Brawler, Hardcore
WEAPON OF CHOICE: baseball bat

BIOGRAPHY: Carly was born in Lafayette, Louisiana, She was adopted as an infant. Her adoptive parents raised their two biological sons along with Carly in a devout Christian environment

Carly's siblings include her older brothers, Jason and Wes. When Carly was six years old, her parents divorced after seventeen years of marriage. Carly's mother married her second husband, Jimmy Athens. Carly's family struggled financially, and after her parents divorced. So Riding atvs and motocross bikes became her hobby.

Her step-father was into hunting and fixing pick up truck. So of course Carly hung out with him more. She became a tomboy more and more as she watched on. When She was a teenager she really grew into her looks. Al tough she was quite somber and sweet she had an attitude.

Jason was the one to really get her into wrestling.He watched it all the time and loved it. He knew she would too. Sitting her down she watched a full hour and was hooked and wanted to try it as well. It took them a few minutes to decide to use the trampoline to try this stuff out.

Although then never carried about getting hurt their mother thought it was a bad ideal. She wanted a beauty pageant daughter not a tomboy. But its what Carly liked. She knew she could look beautiful and classy she loved getting rough with the boys more.

As they kept practicing in the pool and the trampoline. All three decided to join a gym who held a indy wrestling event once a month. The owner wanted to see what they all had. The boys didn't do so hot. But Carly amazed them. It was a girl that could take the hardest bump and still get up. They definitely seen potential in her.

When She Got Into her mid twenties she had run the indy circuit in the south and had done amazing. But she wanted something more out of her life so she wanted to try something new. Her old boss at the gym called up a buddy of his to get her an audition with a local company in Vegas. Carly jumped on the chance to go.

Of course she had her families blessing and she went. It was hard for her to get as established as she was back home. But she worked her tail off being a shot girl to make it in the big city. She slowly started to give up on her dream as she got older.


Carly Cairns

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