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ASWF Return Press Conference

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ASWF Return Press Conference

Post by Tyson Michaels on Tue May 07, 2013 8:27 pm

[ASWF HQ: Los Angeles California: 19:30 PM]

The feed opens up inside the Press Conference For ASWF, the room was filled with the World's Media and was decorated with Posters of Many of The ASWF Company's star Wrestlers, Past and Present. Tyson Michaels, The Owner of ASWF, Stood at the Podium as at either side of her members of the ASWF roster sat.

]Tyson Michaels: I would first of all, like to thank you all for coming here today, before we go into further detail about today's press conference, I first would like to explain to the world, Why ASWF means so much to a lot of people. It was a company that most wrote off before it began, we called ourselves The AllStar Team but we may as well have called ourselves the Outlawed Team, no one wanted to push our product, but people like Cody Taylor, James Shark, Dan Alexander, Jackson Ford, & Leah Greyjoy, all believed that ASWF had something, those group of Outlaws, Believed so Strong in ASWF, they left multi Million Dollar contracts behind, to take a shot on the Ultimate Underdog, and that chance paid off, the Group of Outlaws no one wanted to take notice of, stood up and made the world take notice.]

Tyson Michaels stood there with no expression on his face, for a split second without saying anything.

]Tyson Michaels: See ASWF was never about Ratings, It was never about Money, It IS about being part of something, you believe so strongly in that you would do anything for it, we are more than Just a wrestling company, we are a Family, a Family that stretches from the Wrestlers, to the Backstage staff all the way to the fans, This family stood up against the Man and wouldn't take No for an answer, this family took all your rule, ripped them apart and done what ever the hell they liked, WHY? because that is what this sport is about, this Sport isn't about following rules, this sport is about putting on a show worth watching and fans wanted to see ASWF, because we truly had no limits, we truly had no rules, we truly didn't care about the athletic commission, We cared about our family.]

Tyson looked to both sides of him, at the men and women who represented everything ASWF stands for, before looking back at the World's Media.

]Tyson Michaels: That is why it is with great pleasure, That I announce, WE ARE BACK!!!! the rule book has just been flung out the window, Our slogan is simple, This isn't where the big boys come to play, this is where the best come to fight, got what it takes? Come prove it in our ring.]

The room seemed to go into a frenzy, as the Reporters all began shouting over each other, barking questions at Tyson. Tyson slowly raised his hand telling them to be silent.

]Tyson Michaels: We have no yet came to the question section just yet, before we get there, I have a few other announcements to make.]

The room began to settle down slightly.

]Tyson Michaels: Firstly, I would like to introduce you to our new General Manager, the former XWA Diva and Womens Champion, The one and only Miss Taryn Robinson.]

Tyson pointed to his right hand side where Taryn was sitting next to Cody Taylor, everyone at the table gave her a round of applause.

]Tyson Michaels: I believe Taryn will be a great asset to the Company.]

Taryn smiled slightly, as the Flash of the cameras seemed to take over the entire room.

]Tyson Michaels: And our first order of business is to vacate every single title in this company, we will be starting fresh, so our first card will feature the first round of the World Heavyweight championship and the Divas Championship tournaments, a different tournament will start each week for the ASWF Championship, the Uprising Championship and eventually the Tag Team championships.]

All the Media attention seemed to turn to Cody Taylor, who was the Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion before ASWF's demise, Cody seem uninterested though.

]Tyson Michaels: There will be no exceptions for anyone on this roster, everyone starts with a clean slate.]

Cody seemed to smirk when Tyson said that.

]Tyson Michaels: our return show will be Saturday 18th of May, Live on HBO from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn New York, The main event will be Cody Taylor Versus Matt Hart in a Last man Standing match, Round One of the World Heavyweight Championship Tournament.]

Tyson spread his hands pointing at Cody with his right and Matt with his left.

]Tyson Michaels: We will not be accepting questions from the Media.]

Tyson Michaels

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Re: ASWF Return Press Conference

Post by CODY FN TAYLOR on Tue May 07, 2013 8:49 pm

Cody Taylor sat there looking uninterested in anything that was going on around him, he might have been her physically but mentally he was still in bed, or smoking weed whatever it was he actually did.

Suddenly a female reporter stood up, Cody lifted his head slightly looking at her before looking back down at his phone in his hand.

Reporter #1: My question is for Cody.

Tyson pointed to Cody, who nodded his head still looking at his phone.

Reporter #1: Cody, does it bother you that you won't be returning as Champion, After that brutal battle with Brendan Maddox for that title, you must feel a little annoyed about it.

Cody slowly lifted his head up and looked at the reporter raising his eyebrow slightly.

Cody Taylor: I ain't even care, just means I'll be add the title to my resume again, It's whatever. I'll just whoop everybody AGAIN and then I'll laugh at Tyson, then fuck Taryn.

Cody dropped his head looking back at his phone, as the crowd laughed at him.

Suddenly another reporter stood up.

Reporter #2: Cody, how do you feel about facing Matt Hart in a Last man standing match?

Cody didn't even bother to look up from his phone this time.

Cody Taylor: Who?

Reporter #2: Matt Hart, you know your opponent, the Tag Team partner of your boss.

Cody shrugged slightly, still not looking up from his phone.

Cody Taylor: Easy win, I ain't even worried about him.

Cody finally looked up from his phone.

Cody Taylor: he's a has been, Only here cause he used to team with Tyson Michaels, He doesn't even deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as me.

Cody was about to look back down at his phone when a third reporter stood up.

Reporter #3: Cody How does it feel for you, with ASWF returning, you were one of the founding fathers, who helped build this company.

Cody smirked.

Cody Taylor: Feels pretty dope, you know I gave up a lot of stuff to come be part of this company, I risked my career, I risked losing a lot of money, Via sponsorships and other contracts, but it was worth it, it paid off.



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Re: ASWF Return Press Conference

Post by Taryn Robinson on Tue May 07, 2013 10:23 pm

The press conference is still abuzz with many reporters still awaiting to get their questions answered. Reporters hands are in the air and eventually one, an older gentleman, is called upon. He rises from his seat and grabs a microphone. He clears his throat before he lifts it up and starts to speak into the microphone.

Reporter One || My question is for Misses Robinson.

The new General Manager of ASWF steps near the podium. She places her hands on her skirt and tugs it down just a bit before she steps behind the podium. She rests her arms upon it and looks out into the crowd. Clearing her throat she begins to speak.

General Manager || Taryn Robinson || Yes sir, what is your question?

The reporter quickly looks up towards the stunning General Manager before he once again clears his throat. Taking a few moments, he finally lets the words out of his mouth to begin his question.

Reporter One || Misses Robinson my question is this, what exactly did Mister Taylor mean when he said that he was going to, and excuse my language here, Fuck you?

Taryn lets out a small laugh. She lifts her right hand up to the right side of her face and flicks her hair out of the way. A few seconds later she puts her hands back down to the podium. She begins to speak with a smile on her face.

General Manager || Taryn Robinson || Well that is a very interesting question, I guess you aren't really tech savvy now are you sir? If you know anything about twitter or you have seen any recent post on celebrity new sites, me and Cody are together. Now, I know what you people are thinking, Cody will get special treatment with his girlfriend as the General Manager, but that simply is not the case. Cody will be treated just like I will treat all of my superstars, he will start at the bottom. If he makes it to the top, which I have no doubts that he will, it will be attributed to his own hard work and effort. Now, does that answer your question?

The reporter nods, he quickly sits down and the hands of other reporters raise up. Taryn looks around a bit before Taryn points out a reporter on the far left of the stage. The reporter lowers her hands and she stands up. The younger reporter has a smile on her face before she takes the microphone into her right hand. Taking a few seconds, she finally begins to ask her question.

Reporter Two || Misses Robinson, what made you want to take this position with a company that quite frankly, no one wanted to give a chance in the first place?

Taryn smiles in acknowledgment of the question that was asked by the young reporter. She quickly changes her demeanor to begin answering the question.

General Manager || Taryn Robinson || That is another good question. The main reason that I wanted to take this position is because of what I have experienced myself in the wrestling business. I have been in this business for the better part of the last six years the majority of which were with the same company. I wish that I could say that my experience with that company was a pleasant one but, truth be told I have never worked with a group of ingrates that wouldn't know wrestling if it hit them in the face. Nothing about this company could ever go right and to say that they looked out for their talent would be a grave exaggeration, I think lab monkeys were treated better than us wrestlers. I believe wrestlers deserve better treatment than what I was given, that is why I wanted this position. I want to make sure that all of the talent in ASWF gets every chance to advance in this profession. Forget backstage politics, there will be no such thing in here in ASWF. If you have the drive, ambition, and that talent to back it up, you will get exactly what you deserve under me as General Manager.

The reporter nods before she takes her seat. A flurry of hands come into the air as Taryn starts to scope the room once again, finally her eyes land on the center of the floor. She points down with her right hand to the first reporter in the front. The elated reporter stands up and his handed a microphone. The reporter smiles before asking his question.

Reporter Three || Okay Misses Robinson, my question is this, as a former Women's wrestling champion, what are your hopes for the divas division in ASWF?

Taryn smiles at the reporter before she flicks her hair once again. Placing her hand sternly on the podium she looks up towards the ceiling a bit. Waiting a few more seconds she looks back down at the audience and begins to speak.

General Manager || Taryn Robinson || That is a great question, thank you for asking it. I have been a women's wrestler my entire career. I have only stepped in the ring with men once in my career so you could say that women's wresting is my domain. I have been in the ring with some of the best form around the world and let me be the first to say that the new home of women's wrestling will be here in ASWF. There will be no such thing as barbie dolls prancing around in a pool of jello. Women who come to ASWF come to be wrestlers not objects. These women may be strong and beautiful but let me be the first to say, they will definitely kick some ass out in that ring trust me on that. We are going to put women's wrestling back on the map mark my words.

Taryn smiles before she steps back from the microphone. The room starts a steady stream of applause as the new General Manager walks back to her seat and sits down next to Cody with a smile on her face.

Taryn Robinson

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Re: ASWF Return Press Conference

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