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"The Killerplauze" Stefan Raab

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"The Killerplauze" Stefan Raab

Post by Stefan Raab on Tue May 07, 2013 9:38 pm


PICBASE: Stefan Raab

REAL NAME: Stefan Konrad Raab

WRESTLERS NAME: "The Killerplauze" Stefan Raab

NICKNAME(S): "The Killerplauze" and "The German Sensation"



FROM: Cologne, Germany


NORMAL ENTRANCE: Stefan comes out through the curtain just wearing his gold and black wrestling tights with his nickname The Killerplauze on the front of them with TV Total logos on the side of his trousers and high fives the fans as he goes up the stairs before going in-between the ropes and does a holdup on each turnbuckle and everyone cheers him as he does a few boxing punches to the cameras before he looks at his opponent with anger in his eyes waiting for the match to start.

TITLE MATCHES ENTRANCE: The pryo comes sparking out of the side of the ramp and he comes jumping and walking out wearing a hooded coat with his TV Total logo and his The Killerplauze nickname on the back of it along with his name and his gold and black wrestling trousers high fiving the fans and goes up the stairs before going in-between the ropes and does a holdup on each turnbuckle as the fans are cheering him like mad before taking his coat off and preparing for wrestling as he does a few punches to the camera before the match begins.

BRIEF GIMMICK DESCRIPTION: Has a tiny bit of memory loss problems with respecting America as a whole on having a career in wrestling.

THEME MUSIC: Rohff feat. Big Ali - Dirty Hous


The Raabinator

Setup: Chokeslam Powerbomb


1. The Killercutter

Setup: Diamond Cutter

2. The Killerpin

Setup: Bridging German Suplex

3. Killerlock

Setup: Ankle Lock


1. DDT

2. Armdrag

3. Suplex

4. Spinebuster

5. Lou Thesz press

6. German Suplex

7. Spear

8. Boxing punches

9: European uppercut

10: Elbow Drop

11: Back suplex

12: Arm bar

13: Rolling German Suplex

14: Clothesline

15: Release German Suplex

16: Crossface chickenwing

17: STF

18: Anaconda Vise

19: Triangle choke

20: The Cologne Cloverleaf (Texas Cloverleaf)

21: Sharpshooter

22: Boston crab

FIGHTING STYLE: Brawler, Boxer, Hardcore and Technical


ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Defeating Angelica Monroe in a Steel Cage match and gained access to the StarrDome training facility in WEW, Had a North American title match against Evan Envi and is now the number one contender for the tag team titles with Yarmouth known as The European Invasion after Stefan eliminated Carmen Rivera on the Shockwave PPV event on APW going up against Noble Hart. Defeated Christopher Cruz to win the StarrDom Global Championship and defeated Romeo Valentine to win the TIW, ICW, TASW, IPW and NWW Championships. Defeated the APW owner President Jeff at APW's Rasslemania nine PPV.

Stefan Raab

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