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2012 Rules

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2012 Rules

Post by Tyson Michaels on Thu Jul 19, 2012 9:36 pm


1) Be respectful to everyone, We don't expect you to like everyone but we do expect you to at least show them respect. You know the saying "Treat others the way you want to be treated."

2) Harassment will not be tolerated, If anyone feels they are being Harassed Give Any member of Staff a PM and they will deal with the matter.

3)No Porn unless is the good shit!! No just joking but its in the Terms of Services agreement with Forumsmotions... I know Boring as Hell right? (Pornography, nudity, or sexual material of any kind)


1) You Cannot use a Picture Base of someone who is under the age of 18 years old. It's kind of weird especially with the usual Type of Storylines that go on in wrestling, but other than that you can have any base you want.

2) You Can have as many Characters as you like as long as you can handle them, you probably won't have to roleplay as them every week, but there is a small chance you might be double booked.

3) You Cannot use a Theme Music that's already Taken Unless you're A Tag Team then you may.

4) You can have as many managers as you want.


1) 10 thousand word roleplays are not necessary to win you a match, We Judge First On Quality and Creativeness.

2) No attacking other character in your Roleplays or Segments, Unless you have prior permission for them.

3) If You No Show Three In A Row You Will be released, You are welcome to rejoin after wards, But It you Get Released Three times in a row Your will not be allowed back with out Permission from One Of The Admin.

4) Alot of other Fed's hate this but I'm not one of them, Replying to something your Opponents said about your Character as Allowed as long as the scene your replying to was On Camera... If you Reply to something they said Off Camera, it will hurt your chances off winning.


1) We allow you to update your character at anytime, we only ask that once you change your contract you reply telling us what you have Changed so we can update the taken lists


1) There is No Word Minimum in General Roleplay, The Only rule is if it has not been replied to within Two Weeks we will move it to the recycle Bin.

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