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Post by Saffron Dior on Thu Jul 19, 2012 10:46 pm

Picbase: Melanie Inglesias
Real Name: Saffron (Unknown Last Name)
Ringname: Saffron Dior
Nicknames: Saff, Miss Dior,
Alignment: Heel
Gimmick Overview: Saffron is cocky, she doesn't just believe she is better than everyone SHE KNOWS IT, she doesn't care about what anyones accomplished because she is just going to make them tap out, she is not satisfied with just beating her opponents she needs to humilate them too

Wrestler Bio:

// - Vital Information - //

Height: 5'3
Weight: 115lb
Birth Place: Los Angeles California
Current Resident: Brooklyn New York

// - Attributes - //

Wrestling Style: Aggressive / Techincal / Showboat
Strengths: Submissions, Her Will to win
Weaknesses: Her Showboating sometimes costs her in big matches, she doesn't really have the strenght to lift those much bigger than her

Weapon Of Choice: Brass Knuckles
Specialty Match: Submission

Common Moves: Kiss Goodbye(Handspring back elbow smash)
Tilt-a-whirl headscissors takedown
Hanging figure four necklock
Bridging Northern Lights suplex
Full nelson
Monkey flip
Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker
Corner sunset flip
Flying back elbow (maneuvered on the second turnbuckle)
Discus clothesline
Michinoku driver II

Signature Taunt: Blows a Kiss then Sticks her Middle Finger Up
Signature Move: Brunette Blowout And L.A CALLING
Description(s):(Double knee gutbuster) And (Modified cross–armed iconoclasm

Finisher: DIOR GRIP
Saffron ONLY goes for this finisher when she knows her opponent
won't be able to escape from it. Nobody has ever escaped her Kumura Lock. She will perform this move either when there is a big opening, so that she may
have the move PERFECTLY locked in, or when her opponent is gassed out
and will not have any energy left to escape.

Entrance: Add Later
Saffron Dior

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Join date : 2012-07-19

Wrestler Info
ASWF Earnings: $9,000,000
ASWF Record: [W:4] [L:0] [D:0]
ASWF Popularity:
100/100  (100/100)

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