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"The Killerplauze" Stefan Raab

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"The Killerplauze" Stefan Raab

Post by Guest on Mon Jul 23, 2012 7:07 pm


PICBASE: Stefan Raab

REAL NAME: Stefan Konrad Raab

WRESTLERS NAME: "The Killerplauze" Stefan Raab

NICKNAME(S): "The Killerplauze" and "The German Sensation"



FROM: Cologne, Germany


NORMAL ENTRANCE: Stefan comes out through the curtain just wearing his gold and black wrestling tights with his nickname The Killerplauze on the front of them with TV Total logos on the side of his trousers and high fives the fans as he goes up the stairs before going in-between the ropes and does a holdup on each turnbuckle and everyone cheers him as he does a few boxing punches to the cameras before he looks at his opponent with anger in his eyes waiting for the match to start.

TITLE MATCHES ENTRANCE: The pryo comes sparking out of the side of the ramp and he comes jumping and walking out wearing a hooded coat with his TV Total logo and his The Killerplauze nickname on the back of it along with his name and his gold and black wrestling trousers high fiving the fans and goes up the stairs before going in-between the ropes and does a holdup on each turnbuckle as the fans are cheering him like mad before taking his coat off and preparing for wrestling as he does a few punches to the camera before the match begins.

BRIEF GIMMICK DESCRIPTION: Has memory loss problems with respecting America as a whole on having a career in wrestling.

THEME MUSIC: Rohff feat. Big Ali - Dirty Hous


1. The Killercutter

Setup: Diamond Cutter

2. The Killerpin

Setup: Bridging German Suplex

3. Killerlock

Setup: Ankle lock


1. DDT

2. Armdrag

3. Suplex

4. Spinebuster

5. Lou Thesz press

6. German Suplex

7. Spear

8. Boxing punches

9: European uppercut

10: Elbow Drop

11: Back suplex

12: Arm bar

13: Rolling German Suplex

14: Clothesline

15: Release German Suplex

16: Crossface chickenwing

17: STF

18: Anaconda Vise

19: Triangle choke

20: Cologne Cloverleaf (Texas Cloverleaf)

21: Sharpshooter

22: Boston crab

FIGHTING STYLE: Brawler, Boxer and Hardcore


ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Defeating Angelica Monroe in a Steel Cage match and gained access to the StarrDome training facility in WEW, Had a North American title match against Evan Envi and is now the number one contender for the tag team titles with Yarmouth known as The European Invasion after Stefan eliminated Carmen Rivera on the Shockwave PPV event on APW going up against Noble Hart. Defeated Christopher Cruz to win the StarrDom Global Championship and also defeated Romeo Valentine to win the TIW,ICW,TASW,IPW and NWW championship belts.

BIOGRAPHY: He's known to be the most powerful man in German entertainment that does everything from his TV show called TV Total, His game show called Schlag Den Raab (Beat The Raab), Runs sport events like Wok which is like a bobsleigh event, Autoball which is car football, Stock Car Racing and Turmspringen which is Diving, He's a singer and realised lots of records and was the Eurovision Song Contest host from last year. He also organises and plays poker from time to time with his friends as well

He is known as one of the most hated men in wrestling today as he has so many people that are against him like Cody Taylor, James Shark and now Corey Casey. Stefan hasn't had that much of a history of wrestling but he had a boxing match against James Shark recently and drew against him and lost against Vantage which was mainly to get more fans into wrestling in Germany which succeeded really well. Now because he's getting married to his fiancee The Fizz who is pregnant with Stefan's baby. He's had bad threats towards him from Corey Casey and James Shark that made him want to fight in Fizz's honour accusing Fizz and Stefan that Fizz had cheated on Stefan by sleeping with Kana which both Fizz and Stefan know that it was not true because Stefan and Fizz were in Germany when the drama happened and he lost that match but it was his best match to date. Now he thinks about to be a full time wrestler and needs experience before his 2nd match against Angelica Monroe in a different company.

While he was currently wrestling in APW. He had also signed up with XWE which Stefan feels it could benefit him farther if he had gained experience in two wrestling companies. In his first match with Tommy Walker in APW he won that match and didn't have anymore wins up until the tag team match with J Hop against TJ and Gabriel Anslem where J Hop pinned TJ to advance through to qualifying for the over the top battle royal which he lost but he was 3rd to last man to be eliminated from the match. On 25th of June something happened on that day on being one of the most unexpected things that has happened in Stefan's wrestling career so far as he was apart of the fatal four way match for the future shot for the North American title and he pinned J Hop to earn his first ever title shot since entering the wrestling business full time in May and it gave him just such full of confidence to face against Evan Envi and not only for that match but for the Angelica Monroe match as well. It also turns out that Stefan was the first ever non American wrestler to get a shot for the North American title.

He had to prove himself however on the July 9th episode of Meltdown with his title shot on the line. If Stefan was pinned or submitted then he would lose his shot for the North American title against Evan Envi but in the end it was Shadow that pinned Michael Lively which in this case Stefan did not lose his title shot against Evan Envi. He was now the number one contender for his title and Stefan didn't like Evan more with the confrontation they had backstage before the triple threat match that Stefan was in and the match between them two for Evan's title was going to happen on the 16th of July episode.

He faced Evan Envi for the North American title and he lost but that was because Carmen Rivera interrupted the match and cost Stefan the win only a few moments later for her to capture the North American title.

Recently on WEW. Stefan faced against Angelica Monroe in a steel cage match and overcoming the odds of him losing and with the StarrDome training facility stipulation in place. He won the match and now he can freely train at the Starrdome where he can get some training done against the other wrestlers that were training there as of right now and that gained him so much confidence for his next match against Michael Lively in APW.

He had a heated argument with Michael Lively before the match with him on Michael torturing Fizz and then it made Stefan run backstage and attacking Michael after he had pushed Fizz to the floor and he was checking if her and the baby were alright and they were. Stefan then eventually went to defeat Michael Lively on that night with Fizz celebrating in the ring.

He also had another match in WEW against Trisha Monroe in a Loser Leaves Animosity match which Stefan lost and he can only make appearances on Adrenaline now seeing that he is banned from going anywhere near Animosity.

Things didn't get much better for him in APW either when he lost the first match against Young Mennie and was out of a contention for the APW North American title but then in the rematch Stefan defeated Young Mennie after Michael Lively played sick games with Stefan bringing the roses, the blue baby balloon and a message saying about being a future foster dad to Fizz's baby.

Now he has to team up with Michael Lively his biggest enemy in APW at the moment, The girl that cost Stefan the North American title Carmen Rivera, Dante and Krunk against The man that choked Stefan out after his rematch with Young Mennie Assassin, Young Mennie, Shadow, Benny Horrowitz and his tag partner for the Shockwave PPV that was recently announced Yarmouth.

Over on ASWF things were slightly better with Stefan capturing his first win against Murray Muir and then he went to face against James Shark for the third time but second time in a one on one match which he lost but got a lot of credit for trying his best. He is facing against Dan Alexander this week who proves to be another tough challenge for Stefan.

Before his match against Dan Alexander began. It was confirmed that Stefan will not be allowed on the ASWF Dangerous Intentions PPV due to his actions with his promo on stalking James Shark's son Shawn Zedic and then he lost to Dan on the same night of the event but Stefan didn't really care about that because he has a much bigger challenge on the very same night as the ASWF PPV on being one of the first people in history on the APW Meltdown brand to get a number one contender ship chance for the tag team titles with Yarmouth being his tag team partner with the match also being on a PPV event in APW called Shockwave. He has now got his next opponent on ASWF on Baron Tomson on the Absolote Anarchy event.

On Meltdown days before the Shockwave PPV event. Stefan was apart of the 10 man/woman tag team match and his team lost the match but The European Invasion team was born as while him and Yarmouth were wrestling. They shook hands in the ring and got out of the ring with their hands up in the air.

On the Shockwave PPV. A lot of high expectations were on The European Invasion to win and it was no wonder seeing that Stefan completely dominated the whole match as he pinned Carmen Rivera in an elimination tag team match to earn himself and Yarmouth the chance to go for the APW tag team titles facing against Noble Hart in two weeks time which was going to be on Meltdown but with the recent drafting of The European Invasion. They will face Noble Hart for the tag team titles pretty soon when that will happen will be determined in the near future but his match on Asylum has recently been announced for next Sunday going up against Johnny Sykes and Jair Hopkins who has been Stefan's tag team partner and also defeated him a while ago in a number one contenders match for the North American title shot.

Last edited by Stefan Raab on Mon Nov 19, 2012 4:28 pm; edited 16 times in total


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Re: "The Killerplauze" Stefan Raab

Post by Guest on Wed Aug 15, 2012 1:29 am

Edited: Accomplishments and Bio.


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Re: "The Killerplauze" Stefan Raab

Post by Guest on Sun Aug 26, 2012 9:09 pm

Updated: Accomplishments and Biography


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Re: "The Killerplauze" Stefan Raab

Post by Guest on Mon Aug 27, 2012 8:20 pm

Updated: Biography again due to the draft news on APW.


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Re: "The Killerplauze" Stefan Raab

Post by Guest on Sat Sep 01, 2012 8:26 pm

Updated: Changed Alignment from being a Heel to a Face and biography as well.


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Re: "The Killerplauze" Stefan Raab

Post by Guest on Thu Oct 04, 2012 7:58 pm

Updated: His height to 6.4, His weight to 260, Added in the title matches entrance and updated the brief gimmick description.

Note to the match writer with the PPV: Please use the title match entrance for the upcoming match as it's a huge thing to happen for Stefan. Thank you.


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Re: "The Killerplauze" Stefan Raab

Post by Guest on Tue Oct 23, 2012 12:15 am

Updates: Achievements on winning the StarrDom Global Championship.


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Re: "The Killerplauze" Stefan Raab

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