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[Anarchy 1] Valentine vs Heed

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[Anarchy 1] Valentine vs Heed

Post by Eve Breneman on Mon Jul 23, 2012 10:59 pm

One on One Bout
We start the night off with the return of "The Priceless Prince" Tyson Valentine as he makes
his return to wrestling to take on Declan Heed. The former US Champion and Television
will look to show the world he still has what it takes to win while Declan Heed will look to
upset Tyson and make a huge impact in his debut to the sport.


Eve Breneman

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Re: [Anarchy 1] Valentine vs Heed

Post by Tyson Valentine on Mon Jul 23, 2012 11:47 pm

---Part One---
It was Nearing midnight and Tyson Valentine the self proclaimed Priceless Prince was sitting alone in his office watching old wrestling matches of his on a small flat screen television, these matches meant so much to him at one point now they just felt meaningless. He never thought he would become sick of the business he once loved, but then again anything could happen in this crazy business, this sport gave him so much but at the same time took so much away from him the amount of blood he lost during his career was Frightening thought.

Tyson would sigh slightly as his most famous match to date against Ryan Banls for the XWE United States Championship began playing, sure he won the match but at what cost? the match almost cost him his career and his family ended up turning on him because he wouldn't walk away from the sport before it killed him, not a day goes by that he doesn't miss his younger Brother Scott they were once the best of friend and a Tag Team at one point, sometimes he wished he could just pick up the phone and call Scott just to tell him he missed him and still loved him.

He slowly grabbed the channel changer and turned the television off, he didn't need that to remind him of everything he had lost and gained in one night, he lived with the pain every single second of every day, he thought about calling his brother even if it was just to hear his voice once again. Plus the fact he hasn't seen his nephew in almost two years was killing him inside even though he would and has never showed it in public.

Tyson buried his head into his hands just as he did that his office door swung open, he slowly raised his head to see his wife standing in the door way as a small smile grew across his face, he loved her with all his heart she saved him from that life he previous lead she helped him beat so many addictions it was unbelieveable.

"Normally I don't allow people in my office, but for you I'll make an exception" Tyson said as she slowly walked towards him, as she slowly sat on his lap clasping her arms around his neck she smiled slightly at him, "Well I'm glad you'll make an exception, but I've came to drag you away from this place. You need to stop watching your old matches for starters." she replied as Tyson sighed slightly, he knew she was right but he just hated agreeing with her because she never would let him forget she was right about something.

Tyson nodded slightly at her before uttering the words
"I guess you are right Taryn" Taryn smiled slightly at him but he his head was off somewhere else, he wanted to forget about his old days not just because they held so many bad memories but he also wanted one last run in the business. "Do you think I could give it one last run? I mean I'm still young enough to get it done in the ring and maybe win another championship" he asked her already known what her replied would be, she didn't want him to return to wrestling but deep down she knew it was in his blood after all it was his birth right to be in this business, his father was a wrestler, his mother and his grandfather were all professional wrestlers so it kind of was in the blood line. Taryn sighed slightly before rolling her at him before replying "It doesn't really matter what I say, you and I both know you are going to do what you want but for what it matters I do think you still have on more run left in you."

Tyson smiled slightly once again she was right, if he felt he could go for another run it wouldn't matter to him what anyone else thought about it but he was glad she believed he could go one more time, he just wished Scott was going to be joining him IF he did get back into wrestling. "You think Scott would be interested in it? Would love to get those tag team straps with my brother if I did return" he asked her, Taryn smiled slightly she loved how much he thought about Scott but she knew a reunion wouldn't happen anytime soon, Scott had probably moved on by now plus they haven't heard from him in almost two and a half years. She sighed slightly before saying "I don't think Scott would be interested baby, It's been two years he hasn't replied to any of the letters or returned any of your phone calls. He has his own life now and I know it kills you but you're not apart of it anymore... You made your choice along time ago and he made his." Tyson sighed slightly, he knew it was all down to him he was the reason they no longer spoke to each other, sometimes he could turn back time and change things so he could be in his brothers life but he couldn't so he would just have to learn to deal with it.

"I Just miss him Taryn, I feel like I let him down... I mean I'm his big brother I was supposed to be there for him no matter what, but Instead I was out for my own personal gain." he said with a sad tone in his voice, Taryn kissed him gently on the cheek she had no clue what else to say to him to fix things. She sighed slightly before replying in her gentle tone "Tyson maybe one day he will come around, but until that day comes just do your own thing, maybe you should talk to Kyle Walker if you're serious about returning to the ring."

Tyson nodded slightly, if he was going to return to the ring it would only ever be in the land of Xtreme no where else was home to him, he helped build that company on his shoulders alongside guys like The Great Milenko, Sean Mendez, Kane Mitchell, Kyle Walker, Alan Rogue, Shaun Holly and Jack Mercer, They took that company from a small Indy promotion to a world wide wrestling company. Tyson smiled slightly as he replied with a cocky tone in his voice "I guess I should do him a favour and give him a call, after all he needs a huge talent like me to help rebuild that place again."

Taryn smirked slightly at him, she loved the confidence he had but deep down she knew why he was really wanting to return to wrestling. It wasn't because he missed it he just wanted to try mend his broken relationship with Scott even though she knew there was no way Scott would forgive and forget about what happened, that was the Valentine family's problem they were all so stubborn about everything but thats what also made them icons in this business, because they were to stubborn to give up when the odds were against them.

She slowly leaned forward and kissed Tyson passionatly on the lips, This took Tyson by surprise slightly as his mind was on other things but he wasn't going to complain about it.
Tyson Valentine

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Re: [Anarchy 1] Valentine vs Heed

Post by Guest on Tue Jul 24, 2012 7:37 pm

Promo Number One
Vs. Tyson Valentine
- Good Luck cheers

    The World today, we have a saying is that you can only make one first impression once is a false statement. From day one, I have been leaving my impression on the world. No matter what else is going on. From the problems backstage to the problems in the squared ring. I have overcome every so-called "OFF the cuff" statement made. Many have come to terms that I am here for one reason. Settle a old score. Well, that isn't entirely true. I am here to finally make a real name for myself.

    Two week's ago, I decided I will leave Japan and return to the states and wrestle for a American Company. Now after my time away, it is time that I step up and prove that I am as good as I say I am when I step in the ring for the very first time in All Star Wrestling Federation.

    The fans are here to see competitors wrestle, Maybe show some entertainment in the ring. Prove to the world ASWF is the best risting promotion ever to date. It's the fans that matter and it's time we show that when it comes to Absoulute Anarchy that I am it in it's purest form in my wrestling career.

    Walking into my first match, "The Priceless Prince" Tyson Valentine Should know a few things. First, he don't stand a chance at getting the first victory for our proud company and two.. He should just accept his fate that he is simply just stepping stone for me to Catapult to where I feel I belong and that is that the tippy top.. ALONE!

    When All Star Wrestling Federation. signed me, they did not sign another jobber, They did not sign a man that is a low card caliber. All Star Wrestling Federation. wrestling signed the next big thing other then a Woman. They signed Delcan Heed, American Made and 100 percent Proof. I am none other then...


    However, I do understand if their is a little misunderstanding. ASWF did sign some of the best talent to step inside a squared ring. But none carry the weight I do. No one in this promotion has climbed as far as I did in the wrestling business and never get credit for it. Sure, I've held numerous championships. I might have main evented a few times, but never once was given a fair chance at winning anything meaningful.

    ASWF will be giving me the opportunity at rising to the top! ASWF might be my final resting stop and my final chance at greatness so you have to ask yourself one simple question. Do I have worth any value in this company? The answer to that.


    My first opponent this week, "The Priceless Prince" Tyson Valentine is a person that has alot of talent in his own right. He may claim he's rising to the top or has acheived multiple championships.. But without all that non-sense.. you have a unworthy wrestler with no talent trying to talk his way up the later. Just look at Valentine, I really mean it just stand there and look at him. I know that you can't judge a book by it's front cover and everything but I am pretty sure that he does not apply when it comes to that saying.

    The former US Champion and Television Championships you once held mean nothing. They carry no weight, mean squat. When you step in the ring with me. You are considered the prey. I am the HUNTER. This is a game, and you will learn how to play it! Or Until you can prove in this squared ring you are worthy of my time, Everything you say means nothing.

    Harsh, but it is what it is. Nothing can and or will ever change that. You don’t have to quit doing what you are doing! Keep the talking coming, keep giving yourself hope.. You are the former US Champion and Television Champion for a reason. But think about it, you are a man full of emotions. These emotions fuel every aspect of your life.

    Valentine, You’re explosive in that ring because of it and that is why the people love to watch you. It is why they practically blow the roof off when you enter an arena. Each and every week you come out and do what you do while feeding off of the emotions of the crowd. So why shut them and everyone else out during the big matches? Let them help you to be inspired when it matters most.

    You might have won those championships, however as a former two time champion, you lost it too. But yet, you thrived off of it and did what had to be done. You are good at not underestimating things, and that makes you better than any champion ASWF’s will ever have. It’s like your match against your best opponent in your career. You knew you could beat him, and yet, you never underestimated him for a single second. If you can do that in the ring against me, you’re already miles ahead of the rest of where I am. However. You don't have a clue.

    ABSOLUTE ANARCHY... Finally has come! So when I actually take a second to realize how far I've came in just a year, I get all sorts of warm and fuzzy on the inside. From the road I’ve traveled truly started at the bottom of the hill. Finally, making it toward the middle of the mountain. I can say this, I’m proud of that because I know that there are some people out there who would have given up on this whole thing instead of persevere like I did. Hell, there have been people who just gave up and left…. Many of them over the years I've been wrestling. From Japan, Mexico.. Canada and here in the states. I’ve watched them come and go. I’ve watched them bitch and moan about not getting TV time. I’ve watched them bitch because they felt that they were better than they really were. Most of them wanted to let their mouths get them somewhere that their talents couldn’t. I saw champions screw their way to the time. I see champions jump through loop holes to face lower caliber talent to make themselves look twice as good. When I signed up to ASWF, that was my first question.. "Is ASWF fair" and the answer is..


    No one wants to start at the bottom and work their way up anymore. So this match is, being on the opening card. It's a stepping stone to the middle of the show, then onto the main event. Valentine, if you think for one second you will ruin my night, I have a surprise for you.

    I've seen too many people talk shit and then not back it up. Their own words were wrapped around their necks like a hang man’s noose. I've watched too many people get put in high places only to watch them hang themselves.

    And for a lot of them....

    I held the rope. I tied it and made sure it didn't come loose when their career's where hanging in the balance.

    Rookie or not son, I will beat your ass boy! I know many people talk the talk well, I am backing this talk up. Call me a rookie if you will, even thought I remember how much I used to hate that word when I came into this business. And even though I hated that stereotype, I grinned when they called me that and kept going to work. Sure, I said a few things that made people raise their eye brows and scoff. But my words were few and far between. I allowed them to talk while I would rather let my actions speak for me. I made all sorts of noise and eventually it became obvious to those in charge that I was coming to the top….. and ASWF will recognize!

I DON'T blink.

I DON'T shake.

Because it is…… ABSOLUTE ANARCHY



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Re: [Anarchy 1] Valentine vs Heed

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