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[Anarchy 1] Ramirez vs Aimes

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[Anarchy 1] Ramirez vs Aimes

Post by Eve Breneman on Mon Jul 23, 2012 11:03 pm

ASWF World Championship Tournament Round One
A boxer and a wrestler, Juan Ramirez will be looking to beat Sullivan Aimes in every aspect
of the match and fusturate Sullivan. However, Sullivan will have other plans, also wrestling
in REVIVAL Wrestling, Sullivan will look to move onto the next round of this tournament
and add another win on his record, furthuring his career. Both men confident in their abilities,
both men wanting to come out with a win, both men with no choice but to go to war.



Eve Breneman

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Re: [Anarchy 1] Ramirez vs Aimes

Post by Guest on Wed Jul 25, 2012 2:34 am

// Facetious Agenda //
Act III – ”Aimelessly Atrocious”
July 20, 2012, 3:12 PM - Portland, OR – Kessler Estate

The sounds of the roaring chainsaws force my eyes open. I lift my head from the window and twist my neck at awkward angles to pop the cartilage. “We here?” I ask while extending my arms toward the windshield. Sleeping in a car was never comfortable.

L.J. pulls up to a large gate and begins pressing numbers on a keypad. I wipe the morning from my eyes and focus on the enormous estate in front of me. A large brick house equip with plush green lawns, large oak trees, enormous statues, and that was just what they allowed you to see.

L.J. drives past the sign that reads; Kessler Estate, and pulls up behind a Rolls Royce. That mother fucker was sweet! She throws the car in park and dials a number on her android. Her brother needed to borrow money, but after seeking this house you wouldn’t really expect this guy to need money. We all have our vices.

L.J: ”Ok sweet. I’m out front.”

L.J. ends the phone call and turns to me.


L.J. yells playfully. I crack a smile unwillingly and continue my gaze out the window. There were many yard men at work, a large super duty Ford pick-up had a “Rutger Landscaping” advertisement on it and two gentlemen exit the vehicle with big bright smiles.

L.J: ”Why are you in such a funk?”

L.J. asks with concern. I ignore her question like it was never asked and point out the window. ”There goes your boy Scotty.”

Her eyes shoot open and she hurries out of the vehicle. She makes a dash to the gentlemen in a Rutger’s Landscaping outfit and greets him with a large hug. Scott Rutger, he was her older brother and heir to the Rutger family legacy, a kick ass landscaping company that hustled it’s clientele like the government hustled the people.

Scott, he wasn’t very large, but he acted like he was the cream of the crop. That’s usually what happens when you’re living off mommy and daddy’s bank accounts. Wish I knew what a bank account was sometimes. Scott didn’t know hard work, he spent his days running a company for his father who went out and played golf all day. Lacey never did that. She was a go getter, driven with ambition. I think that was what I liked most about her. If times got tough she got tougher.

L.J. and Scott approach the rental and Scott shuts the door for L.J. after she sits in the driver’s seat. ”How’s it going Scott? You working hard?” I ask with a sarcastic grin. Scott was such a sucker.

Scott Rutger: ”Funny, cool guy. I see you still haven’t moved up from middle school.”

He was such a dick at times. I guess that’s why his father left him in charge of running the company each day. Scott thanks L.J. and gives her a hug before walking off and going back to work. L.J. ignites the rental and we make our exit from the Kessler Estate.

”The Kessler’s got that recycle money I see.” I say in astonishment at the sight of the basketball court just beyond the statues. These folks had to have one hell of a salary job. I’d never known the benefits of this kind of wealth but someday before I die I plan on it. Revival seemed to be a good way to reach that point, but I’d have to make something of myself and after my loss to Sydney I felt like that was almost impossible.

L.J: ”Why are you acting so strange Sullivan? What’s wrong?”

Lacey was quite concerned. I hadn’t said much since I left the arena. I was quiet the entire plane ride. I suppose I was acting a little strange but nothing out of the ordinary I hope. I remove my forehead from the window. ”I’m acting strange? How so?”

Lacey didn’t respond really, she just lit her cigarette and focused on the road. I suppose she was angry with my decision to switch promotions, but what I was getting in ASWF was a new start. They offered the better contract and advancement is needed. She was upset about leaving her friends and Drake.

The roads were scarce when it make to anything that wasn’t wild life or rural area. We drove past long winding roads and pastures of green land. Every time I open my eyes to glance at the clock I felt like one of those animals in Homeward Bound.

L.J: ”By the way, I like how you just decided to up and leave and not even discuss it with me. Did you ever stop and think maybe I liked being in Revival.”

I knew it was going to happen sooner or later. We’d been fighting for almost a full day now. Relationships were so overrated. ”L.J. stop. Please. Just stop. I understand you liked it in Revival, I didn’t mind it either, but there was no room for progression there. We went as far as we could go babe. ASWF is our new place of business.”

She takes a minute to allow my words register and keeps focus on the road. Lacey hated making new friends. Starting over was what she dreaded most, where as I push re-start often. Time and time again I’ve restarted my life. Going by many different aliases, going to different modeling agencies, in the end you realize it’s all just one big story you’ve created.

After realizing modeling was going to take forever I went to Revival and brought L.J. along not knowing she would learn to love the business. ASWF seems to be a good promotion, it’s up and coming and the first event is a real spectacle. ”I’m in the World championship tournament Lacey.”

Lacey couldn’t believe what she was hearing. A smile overwhelmed her frown and she turns her attention from the road.

L.J: ”You didn’t tell me that Sully!”

”I told you ASWF was a better opportunity didn’t I?” I brush my hair out of my face.

L.J: ”Well congratulations. I’ll be watching from your locker room.”

She says with a little bit of an attitude. ”Do you want to wrestle Lacey? I’m sure if I tell management I’m training you they will allow you to start in the lower ranks.” From the look of disgust on her face I could tell she wasn’t wanting to step into the ring.

L.J: ”No Sullivan. I’m saying, I’ll be your moral support. I’m with you every step of the way, but I’d rather just stay behind the scenes this time around. In Re –HOLY SHIT!”

”SKKUUURTT!” Tires squeal like wounded rodents and everything goes black for a moment. I rub the side of my face after a flash knockout courtesy of the passenger side window. Lacey cuts the steering wheel in multiple rotations before cashing control of the vehicle and finally stopping on the side of the highway.

A small boy can be seen in the distance behind us with his jaw nearly touching the rubble. He was in shock and surprised to be alive. I touch all connected limbs to make sure they are all present and accounted for before stepping out of the vehicle.

”Hey kid are you okay?” I ask, making sure everyone involved was alright. Lacey exits the vehicle and begins walking toward the little boy.

”You know could’ve gotten yourself killed? What were you doing in the middle of the street?” I yell.

The boy’s eyes shoot open with fear and he darts off into the forest. With tall trees around him like that, there was no way we would find him.

L.J: ”C’mon Sully. We don’t have time to chase down a child. Is there any damage to the car?”

I look around and see no visible damage until I glance at the right front wheel. ”Guess who gets to change a tire again?” I ask with a smirk. Lacey sighs and drags herself toward the vehicle slowly.

I knew she didn’t want to do this so I kept egging her on without letting her know I was really going to take care of it. Lacey approaches the car and grabs the car jack from the trunk.


”Aimelessy Atrocious”

“Testing.. this thing on? Good. What’s up All-Star Wrestling, it would appear that the Aimeless Ambitions campaign trail just went into affect once again. Revival was where I built my foundation but now I’m looking to write the legacy in stone. I joined the ASWF roster at the right time. They have no world champion, hell they have no champion at all. Hell, they don’t even have a leader, and that’s where I come into the picture.”

“I set the standards for many to follow, and this week I set the standard for what I takes to win in this tournament. I’m booked against Juan Ramirez, a man who is quite known and a seasoned veteran of the game. Congratulations on your past accomplishments Ramirez because here they mean jack shit.”

“I’m not here to spout off about what I have done, I’m going to leave it real simple and let you know what’s going to happen in present day. It’s Real Time with Bill Maher for you this week. I’m here to treat you like a topic on the Colbert Report and make a complete mockery of who you are.”

“You aren’t a joke by no means Juan, but I plan on beating you in truly atrocious fashion and at the end of the night Juan you will be nothing more than a punch line tossed out by Katt Williams or Corey Holcomb. Yes, that would mean I’m here to turn you into a joke. A few meaningless sentences written on a sheet of paper.”

“Are you truly meaningless? We’ll find out when we meet in the squared circle, I hope you bring you’re a game. You’re going to need it Juan.”



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Re: [Anarchy 1] Ramirez vs Aimes

Post by The Dirrty Rican on Wed Jul 25, 2012 5:23 pm

“Taking The Leash Off”

You abandoned me
Love don't live here anymore
Just a vacancy
Love don't live here anymore

Still cleaning out things in my room … It used to be “our” but that label was dropped. It was back to mines. I promised myself that once I had come back from my range of trips, dealing business and performing, I needed to go home, ‘fully cleanse’ the house that I built and do the obvious … start over. I wasn’t one that really adopted the ‘plug and play’ method. I couldn’t pull out of something and process to the next without feeling the lingering effect of the past.

From High School till’ now, it had been hell and high water between us. There was nothing left, we did everything. We tried to repair the ‘deep cut’ in between, but Neosporin and Peroxide couldn’t heal it. After her pregnancy by another man, my long-time friend, that relationship was pretty much over. We just were strangers, living in the same house.

So here I was, “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore” by Rose Royce in the background on low volume, I sorted through what was left. That was the official “We’re Through” track and it was all the motivation I needed to get through this bullshit today. In a couple of days, I’d be packed up and ready to fly back out to Las Vegas, my debut in the ‘All Star Wrestling’ Company. My schedule lately … it has grown to be hectic but here I, seven years into this bitch, loved every minute. I had been all over the world and back.

Las Vegas though … It’ had been my most visited.

I was like a bird … Once I got my wings, I was out. After a couple of days or a week, I come back to the nest to revisit. Here I was, surrounded by boxes, featuring shoes, garments, and other apparel she had worn that was in the closet. She was a ‘fashionista’, she liked the finer fabrics in life.

Reminiscing was a bad decision right now.

“We could have been more, Desireé … but you fucked that up … BIG TIME!”

Literally talking through a picture frame, of us together back from a few years ago. I still was in this zone of reminiscing …

Then I threw that pretty motherfucking golden frame to the floor, as the glass shattered onto the wooden-stained floor.

I promised her I’d try to be the father in her daughter’s life … I tried it, couldn’t feel comfortable within it. Would you? Would you feel comfortable trying to guide a child through life, that isn’t yours?

I figured you’d feel my pain rather than laugh at it.

“What in the fuck is going on here??”

Hearing the downstairs door slam over the music in the background, hearing that voice, I knew it was Trey. He has been here for two weeks now, since we met back up in Oklahoma City for one of my events. He was a real friend, he always kept it real, never sugar-coated shit. From our days on Lennox Avenue, we somehow made it in and through life without death.

“Juan, where the hell is you in here … What’s up with the classic beat playing here?”

I laughed it off as I remained quiet.

“I’m up here, man!” I yelled as this was a four-leveled house, including basement.

I heard his feet quickly scatter up the steps. They went silent as he tried to peek in without being visible. I could see his dreads clearly, as he moments later revealed himself, looking into the room at the boxes that were surrounded around me, filled, wrapped and labeled.

“You moving out?” He clearly was joking, seeing the boxes, me throwing items in the box.

I took a deep sigh before answering his many questions.

“Nah, I’m not moving out… Desiree’, she’s got to go. I can’t do it anymore, man.” I said, shaking my head. “She’s become that damn needle that is stuck in my ass and I can’t pull it out.”

I scratched the top portion of my head as I looked around me, not really realizing how many goddamn boxes were scattered around me. I had packed a lot of shit … Her shit. Packed, sealed and was ready to be delivered via the U-Haul.

“I feel you … Women can make you feel like shit during times like these.” Trey said as he continued surveying the room. “You’ll get over it, hit the strip or go to the bar, shit will be alright!” He said, trying to ‘lift’ my spirit.

I shifted from a slight frown to a smile.

“Actually, I’m going to be leaving for Las Vegas in a day or so … I’ll get all the ‘happiness’ I will ever need.” I said as I continued to toss shit into the near-full box. “This shit is like a disease … I gotta’ remedy myself away from it.”

Trey laughed at the last line.

“A disease it is!” He said as he went to take a step into the room. “You need a hand with any of this shit?” Trey asked as he looked at the progress.

“No thanks, I appreciate it but I HAVE to do this alone. I only have a little left to go, I should be fine!” I said, waiving off the help. “I definitely appreciate it but right now, I need to do this by myself.”

He said no more. He retracted his footsteps back to the outside of the room as he made his way back into reverse.

“I’m going to go ahead and fix me up a ‘Ghetto Steak Sandwich’ … You want one?” He asked, referring to a Peanut Butter n’ Jelly sandwich.

I wasn’t in a mood to eat either…

“Nah, I’m good … Appreciate it. Enjoy yourself, homie!” I said, throwing up the ‘peace’ sign as I continued with what I was doing.

It was going to be a long ass day today.

____________ _ _ _ _ _ ____________


Riding with a feature
Student and a teacher
It's money over bitches
No room for a skeezer

Thinking of a Lambo
Bathing Ape camo
Play with the money
Turn Rocky into Rambo

Patience is a virtue
Life is a handful
Friends, they'll hurt you
Learned that from my grandfolks

“Out Of This World” – A$AP Rocky

Everything was done. Called U-Haul, that shit is gone. I got rid of what was keeping me down. Bags packed, I was ready to leave town. Downstairs, I brought over my personal DJ, ‘DJ Scratchy’ my long-time music personnel. He always played the hits that gave me inspiration for deflating the bastards that stood in my way. I felt brilliant, empty, clean of everything. The dim lighting gave everything down here a gold effect. Standing up, rather than sitting down. I had to gather my thoughts, I had a tough opponent this week in the name of Sullivan Aimes … better known for the tag “Aime 4 Less”.

Something was obviously wrong with that, and I’m glad I get the chance to face him this opening week of ASWF grand opening. He wanted to aim for less, I was going to make it real easy for him to do such that. I was going to leave him with my thoughts. As I motioned to ‘DJ Scratchy’ that I was primed and ready, he readied his turntable as he signaled to me that he was ready. Next to me, I adjusted the camera on the PC behind me, as it was set to record. Decked in a black tank top with three lettered embedded in Gold, shiny print, it read “G.B.E” – Golden Boy Entertainment. Blue-denim jeans and a pair of old school Converse on. All was set to go.

Juan Ramirez: Hit Me …

Signaling to ‘DJ Scratchy’ to hit the music, he did so as the instrumental version of “If I Ruled The World” from Nas and Lauryn Hill begun, I could feel my heart race as this was a track I used to bump every goddamn day. It represented so much, for me, it inspired me to be more than just a ‘stay-in lock up’ kind of kid and grow from that into something that I would be proud of in the coming years. I did that and here I am, today. The ‘hottest’ motherfucking talent around. Period!

Juan Ramirez: Completely legit.

‘Scratchy’ nodded as I hit the record command on the computer as it begun.

Juan Ramirez: So here I am, I think I have surpassed that guy that sings that song “I’ve Been Everywhere!” … I’ve been all over and now I find myself on All Star Wrestling and not even after the ink is dried on the contract, I’m placed in ‘World Championship Tournament’. That’s much respect, they know the name and they know it represents the color green. It represents revenue and boost to company’s television rating. The first round, they give me someone I’d normally consider ‘easy pickings’ but that cannot be used in this case. I was a man who often will shout out the word “respect” to a common few, not a lot, but a few. Sullivan Aimes was one of them. I’ve seen his struggle, it wasn’t beautiful, but he was working hard to get into a better light. He got revived and then he wanted more. He wanted to be an All Star. He wanted to be what his nickname isn’t. Now he wanted to be World Champion but I think he’s exceeding his limit.

Juan Ramirez: I heard what you said Sullivan and to hear that you of all people, want to be the leader, the champion of this young company … it slightly baffles me. Maybe in the long run, but right now, I can see it in your ‘smoked-out’ retinas, that you aren’t ready for that step in life. I mean hell, haven’t you failed at everything you’ve done in the past? I seen you when you were in Revival, you want to be the leader, the ‘Captain America’ of the industry … You had your ‘golden opportunity’ to be just that and you failed at it. You could’ve saved ‘Mister Revival’ when he was getting ambushed, everyone cheered for you to help and rescue but you chose to walk away. You could’ve raised your respect level twenty percent, you could’ve been the leader after that moment, but like a bitch, you shied away. Now in a new place, you want to be a leader?

I shook my head, laughing.

Juan Ramirez: Don’t worry though, Mr. Atrocious, I never leave kids behind. After all, as a teacher to the game, it’s a law to not leave a person behind. I’m going to take you to school, make you re-learn the ropes and re-learn the passion of the game. You can’t say something and not do it, it’s disrespectful and it makes you look like a fucking fool. We know your story by now, you’re a Grade A ’Fuck-Up’, everything you’ve done and tried to do has failed. As said, I won’t leave you behind. You want to be a star? I’ll make sure you are a star … underneath my Converse. Yes, I respect you, but I don’t respect you that much to let you slide past me like you’re on ski’s.

Juan Ramirez: The opposite of you, everything I’ve done, I’ve succeeded. Wrestling, Boxing, even having a four-star … soon to be five-star wrestling school. I struggled like you to be perfect but I learned that you had to “fight” for what you want in this world. I want that ASWF World title so you know what I’m going to do? I’m going to fight for it. My accomplishments mean nothing here, I mean like who didn’t know that? You thought I was going to win off of my past accomplishments? I’ve been in this spot for too damn long, my accomplishments may not mean shit here, but the experience and the high percentage of success does. Something you don’t have the advantage in, but soon enough, I’m sure you will. Here however, there are three other titles you can offer your name into. If you wanna go into throwing ‘bitch fits’, they have a division for that too. I do wish you luck on your journey, but your stop is right here.

I brushed my hair forward as I saw a deck of cards on the table as it was there from past nights with the fellow homies in a game of poker. I slid the deck of cards out as I held them in my hand, manually shuffling them as I looked to finishing this recording session on a high note.

Juan Ramirez: Las Vegas isn’t just for ‘Sinners’, it’s for ‘Winners’ too. I look forward to seeing you beat me down atrociously as you put it. I know being a comedian isn’t easy but at the rate you going with your lines, you just may be a good fit because stepping into the ring with me, these fist and these feets, not to mention a criminal mind, it serve you best to run your mouth for fifty-five minutes rather than be in a nearby hospital for seventy-two hours in the Operation Room, trying to get my Nike shoe out of your atrocious rectum. It pays to be a doctor in that situation, it pains to be the patient in that moment …

I flashed a smile as I threw the deck of cards into the air, watching every one of them fall to the floor.

Juan Ramirez: It’s your life, choose how you want to gamble it away. I’m just the dealer, giving you what you ask for. Life’s a bitch isn’t it? See you soon, Sully!

Cut-throating to DJ Scratchy to end the beat, he swerved out as I hit the stop button on the record. The video had been recorded and was ready to be shipped out. I felt good about my chances against Aimes, it was just the matter of not letting anything distract me from doing what is important, getting to the next round and further advancement.
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Re: [Anarchy 1] Ramirez vs Aimes

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