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[Anarchy 1] Alexander vs Jax

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[Anarchy 1] Alexander vs Jax

Post by Eve Breneman on Mon Jul 23, 2012 11:05 pm

ASWF World Championship Tournament Round One
Zlatan Jax will be tested early out in his career as he takes on no stranger to the sport,
Dan Alexander. Former Deep South, Television and IWF World Champion, Dan Alexander
is a favorite to win this match and win it wherever it takes place coming from an amateur
boxing background. Zlatan will have his hands full, however don't be surprised if Zlatan
comes out and pulls out the upset victory over Alexander to move onto the next round of
the Heavyweight Championship Tournament.



Eve Breneman

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Re: [Anarchy 1] Alexander vs Jax

Post by Dan Alexander on Fri Jul 27, 2012 12:51 am

I couldn't believe what I was staring at. For a minute I completely forgot I was even sitting down. My eyes from one word to another halfway down the page in mere milliseconds. I tried to focus and try to read coherently but I knew deep down inside I knew I had gotten the gist of it. The sixth skim was in vain as a voice inside my head told me what I needed to know.

Eve: So, you like what you see?

My head tilted up from the golden ticket that had kept my attention. A busty figure stood before me. Her hands on her blossoming hips and eyes toward me. I knew I had to think of something witty to say to this cougar of a woman.

Dan: I do.

The whole thing was way too corny. So I just went with a straightforward answer, but I was soon regretting it as her sly smile faded and she looked at me with a judging eye. Eve Breneman is the co-general manager of ASWF. While her demeanor certainly played the part, her attire certainly didn't She was wearing daisy dukes that showed her tan legs and a tight black tank top that extenuated her voluptuous figure. It was well known in the business that she didn't attain her position by climbing the same ladder everyone else did.

Eve: Dan, the reason I recruited you was because of your experience and your extensive knowledge of the business...

Eve turned around making her round bottom stare back at me, practically asking me to sign it with my hand print. Of course I stayed professional.

Eve: You've won numerous championships. You have a list of names of beaten foes longer than most...

She looked outside the window. The glow of the mid day sun rained down upon her.

Eve: My only concern...

She turned back to me.

Eve: My primary concern is that you don't play by the rules.

Dan: If there were rules to play by then I would.

Eve had an inquisitive look on her face. She looked at me more like a puzzle than an actual person. I couldn't blame her.

Eve: Over the past decade you have gone from place to place. You have hopped from federation to federation with pretty good success. But with all the success you had, it couldn't make up for all the damage you have done.

I looked up at her sweet face.

Eve: How do I know that you won't ruin my fun....

She said this almost sensually. A hint of female pheromones kicked up in the air like someone had just sprayed a tuft of air freshner. She was right. I had pretty much caused chaos wherever I went. It wasn't just a coincidence or an act of randomness. I had beaten the best in a territory over a period of weeks. I had taken over whole pay per views. I had ended careers. Basically I was a general manager's nightmare. I was definitely a liability because of this trait, but it also made me the most recognized name in modern wrestling. I instantly got up and put the contract down on her desk.

Dan: ...Maybe this isn't the right place for me...

I turned around and headed for the door. I had played the ace up my sleeve. I walked slowly so she could read the ominous hand that I had played out before her.

Eve:... Wait!

I heard her footsteps from behind me. A devious smile crawled up my face. From the moment I had seen the contract I knew there was some bargaining room. There was always some bargaining room.

Eve: Dan. I promise you. This is the best offer possible...

I looked down. She followed my eyes. We both looked at my crotch. Even with my chino's on you could still see the enormous member that had been a part of my since birth. I looked at her. She was still staring at it like someone stares at the last piece of bacon at a Sunday brunch. I waited for her to look back a me. More specifically my face. It took a while.

Dan: Anything else you would like to put on the table?

Eve snapped out of it and came to.

Eve: Ummm.... we can't offer more money than that.

Dan: Then don't give me cash.

Eve: What else would we give you?

About an hour later I walked out with the copy of a new contract in hand along with twenty percent of the company making me a part of a board of directors. I smiled as I made my way to the Shelby Mustang that I had conveniently parked just outside of her office window. As I started the engine and blistered my way out of the lot I swore I saw her swoon after me...

Dan: Not many people like getting their ass kicked, but I think this week I may have just found the canary in the cave. I might have just found a four leaf clover.

Dan, donned with a casual outfit consisting of jeans, a custom shirt, and a leather jacket, stood in the brim of night with a hint of red of the exhausted sun going down in the distance.

Dan: But let's take a step back shall we? As a matter of fact lets take a good deal of steps back before someone dies from traumatic shock. It's me, Dan Alexander. Back from the grave. You may call me a zombie, but just a lot smarter and more handsome. Yes, the last time you saw me I was on the brink of death. I was on the edge of a cliff because someone decided to try and kick me off of it. But as you can see, they have failed. They always do.

The street light flickers in the background.

Dan: I lost the double cage horror match. That I did. I lost to Corey Casey. I am admitting that. I am not making any excuses even if there was an interference. The record still has Corey undefeated in that type of match. But what has happened since then? What events have occurred during that time. Well, a month later I am signed to a new contract. I am in ASWF with fellow former IWF miscreants Cody and James. I own twenty percent of the company. I am being paid a lot of green paper to be here and blabber for about half an hour about all the nice things I have and why I am the best to lowly people like you. I am entered in a tournament to crown the first ASWF World Champion. Basically, I am on top of the world right now.

Dan puts on a grin of that is enough to make even an innocent baby jealous of him.

Dan: Corey? He had the worst ass kicking of his life. It was so bad that he had to leave IWF and retire. Now he's probably sitting on a couch in his home in Boston. Scratch that. He's probably sitting in his wheelchair in his home in Boston. I can imagine him with a can of Keystone light in hand while he yells at the screen during a re-run of a Boston Bruins game because he can't tell the difference anymore. Later on he'll probably lurch to the nearest bar where he'll scout for the skankiest of skanks that only Boston can deliver. But don't worry, he's used to the smell of rotting fish.

Dan snickers making the trees shiver in disgust.

Dan: And that's the difference. Not just the difference between the outcome of Corey and I, but the difference between every one who has ever stood in my way. I just keep getting better. I just keep getting more powerful. I just keep winning while everyone keeps losing. As they whither away in defeat, I go on and prevail in every way that they couldn't in their whole entire lives. That is simply what I do and that is simply why ASWF wanted me so badly. It's no secret that Cody and Shark aren't my favorite people in the world, but we all understand one thing. We all understand that this is a business and that to be the best at it, you gotta do whatever it takes. That is something most of our peers never understood. That is why other promotions such as IWF have been failing as of late. They have had a slew of injuries and retirements forcing them to use mediocre talent to be their main-eventers. Now all they have are some half-baked ideas for shows and really nothing to watch except a crap ton of advertising for new shirts made by six year old Chinese laborers. That's basically why ASWF exists, to be the complete opposite of that. To give the people they want. To give the people what they need. And frankly, what they need is me, Dan Alexander. That is why at Absolute Anarchy I will put on the show of a lifetime and make my mark in ASWF as the biggest threat for the ASWF Championship.

A look of utter pride and confidence, which Dan completely and perfectly sells, sends chills down every viewer's spine, and make's woman’s panties moist at the same time.

Dan: Now, that may seem difficult because I will be in the ring with a complete newcomer who is greener than the grass at home, but I can make it work. I know I can make it work. After all, I am Dan Alexander. After all, Zlatan Jax is a masochist. Don't believe me? Why don't you look up his youtube channel. Every video he likes or comments on is a sick video of someone having their genitals kicked in. His handle is ramapogostickupmyass if you wanna look him up. He probably surfed the internet anonymously for the hardcore stuff. So, this guy just likes being hit. That's no problem, I've been dying to box someone out for a while. But that would play right into his game of achieving an orgasm during a professional wrestling match. So you know what? I'll just break both of his arms to prevent him from jacking off when he gets home. During his rehabilitation time he can step back and take a look at his life. Maybe try to fix it. At least try to figure out where it went wrong.

By this time it had become completely dark. Suddenly the lights of a vehicle in the distance light up. Dan looks back.

Dan: Well that's my ride and in a matter of time, it'll be my ASWF title.

The scene fades as Dan walks off in the distance whistling an oddly familiar tune...
Dan Alexander

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